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Treat your drink like your handbag - CISOCA

Published:Monday | December 3, 2018 | 12:00 AM

A word of caution has been issued to females to make sure that they carefully monitor what they drink when they are on dates.

Pauline Pink Bond, detective inspector and legal officer at the Centre for Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse who was speaking on the topic 'Uncovering Date Rape: A Hidden Crime', said that women have a role to play in their safety, especially when they go on dates.

The public lecture was held on Thursday at The University of the West Indies School of Nursing and was facilitated by Cynthia Pitter, a lecturer and PhD candidate.

"I would say to the ladies, 'if you're going out on a date, treat your drink like your handbag'," she warned.

"If you're going to the bathroom and it's just a little drop that's left in the glass, don't bother to come back and drink it," she continued.

The attorney added: "Also, know when to stop and know your limit. If you know that you can only have a Smirnoff Black Ice, just have that alone. Don't bother to overdo it, because when you do, you put yourself in a compromising position. You have no control over yourself, and you fall prey to persons out there."

She also advised parents to create a conducive environment in which their children can be open with them.

"I would advise persons that if you are going out with someone, try to know the person well. Don't just go out on dates like that. In most cases, children start dating as early as 14 or 15; and children should feel free to go to their parents and be open, and then you will have a better chance of knowing who your children are with. But you don't get the chance to know who they are with because you already tell them that books and boys don't mix," she declared.

Pitter, in her presentation, speaking from the perspective of the responsibility of a nurse, urged professionals to be caring as they deal with females who would have gone through traumatic experiences.