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Science labs needed in primary schools - Principal

Published:Monday | December 10, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Fabian Mahabeer, principal of Mona Heights Primary School.

Fabian Mahabeer, principal of Mona Heights Primary School, has proposed that science labs, in addition to other resources, be placed in primary schools to aid with improving the students' low performance in the subject.

Reflecting on how the past academic year has been at his institution, Mahabeer admitted that students generally have problems with applying the knowledge they garnered about the subject. He said a huge part of remedying the situation was to ensure that the same level of thought that is placed in guaranteeing that high schools have the necessary resources must be given to see to it that primary schools are likewise so equipped.

"For Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) students to do better in science and math, the primary students first have to do better at the subjects, because you can't fix the problem in high school. Just as how they have the labs in high schools, they need to put them in the primary schools. If you don't build the foundation, the CXC results will always be dismal," he declared.

"The challenge I see with science is the hands-on approach that is sometimes required in the experiments and processing skills. The children have the knowledge, it's really to apply the knowledge that they have to real-life experiences," he continued.

He said a more concerted effort is also needed at the early-childhood level.

"Just as with early childhood, you have to pump the money there so that when we get them in primary school, they are at a different level. Almost every high school has a lab; the primary school should have, too. They have to refocus and you will see the results. It won't happen over five years; more likely 10 to 15 years, but put the resources in the primary school."