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Growth & Jobs | Total challenges young entrepreneurs, designer named as ambassador

Published:Monday | December 10, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Mark Anthony Scott

Fashion designer Mark Anthony Scott believes that a vision coupled with passion is the core ingredient that will create a platform for anyone to have success and growth in their businesses.

That's the message he intends to spread to young entrepreneurs after he was approached by Total Jamaica to be an ambassador for their 2018 Startupper Challenge.

When asked how he felt about being aligned with this project, Scott shared that he was honoured to have been approached by the organisation to represent its brand. He noted that he was delighted to be given a platform, where he could share his journey with budding entrepreneurs.




"If you don't believe in yourself and your brand, no one else will. You must have a vision, passion and love for what you do in order to achieve success. Don't just go into business for the money," he says. "You should always pursue the passion, and the money will come after," he said.

The aim of the Total Startupper Challenge is to reaffirm the company's desire to support socio-economic development of all the countries in which they operate, in globally, by assisting the most innovative entrepreneurs in the realisation of their projects.

Scott shared that his interest in fashion design began at a young age when it was discovered that he had an eye for detail, colour, style, and, of course, fashion. Shortly after graduating from high school, he joined his uncle in the family business, where he developed his sewing and cutting skills and started constructing his own designs.

In an interview, Scott expressed his interest in becoming a world-class designer. He wanted to create a lifestyle where he determined his hours and could turn his skills into making a profit.

"I didn't want to be the person who was confined to a nine-to-five job I wanted to earn independently, on my own time, while being self-sufficient," he said.

However, starting his business wasn't as smooth as any entrepreneur would hope. Scott initially began operating from the confines of his home in Mountain View, St Andrew, where he recalls having to drive to his clients to take their measurements. This was never an ideal situation because as his reach expanded, potential clients began asking his location, and many persons were not comfortable visiting his home.

Scott realised his need to invest in a location that was more feasible for his growing clientele, but this move was not without challenge. When asked about some of the setbacks he faced as an entrepreneur, "the challenge of the unknown," was his response. "Not knowing where the money was going to come from was one of the major setbacks I faced," he recounted, having to find capital of over $500,000 to acquire his new space without having a clue where it would come from.




The designer took a leap of faith and opened his first location on Argyle Road in 2015, with limited savings and the help of family and friends who believed in his dream. "There were days when I felt like giving up, but it was the grace of God and my determination that kept me going," he said. "I kept telling myself that it will work and I have the potential to be great. I simply believed in myself and aligned myself with the right people."

Since that first leap of faith, Mark Anthony Design outgrew the space and recently moved to a more spacious location on 11 Fairway Avenue in Kingston.