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Sister Charmaine Ital says she is the bearer of mystical gifts

Published:Saturday | December 15, 2018 | 12:00 AMTamara Bailey/Gleaner Writer
Charmaine Ital and her son Addwyn Richards.

Mandeville, Manchester

Sister Charmaine Stobbs, more popularly known as Charmaine Ital, and who has been a part of the Rastafarian movement from birth, said that she has always been mystically led with the gift of words and medicine.

"I grew up with people who didn't understand me and the Rastafarian lifestyle. They thought I was just a rebellious child. Coming up into adulthood, I was able to fully translate what I know to be true in mind to my life, so I continued in this lifestyle.

"I have the gift of medicinal healing. Whatever problems people have, I can find a medicine for it. If you want to get pregnant and you can't. I have something for it. On numerous occasions, I have helped women get pregnant," she added.




As a farmer and a daughter of rural Jamaica, Sister Charmaine said that it is easy to understand the herbs, but to put them together, she relies on inspiration.

"There were always people around me using herbs and that was embedded in me. It became my lifestyle even to the point where I don't have to refer to anything for measurement. Everything is already in my mind. And I have never harmed anybody. (As a) Matter of fact, whenever I am going to give anybody anything, I make sure I have some of it first."

In addition to the gift of medicinal healing, Sister Charmaine said that she also has the gift of words and creative writing.

"I am a poet. I go all over and do my poems. People make a lot of money off me. I have been to several competitions, even the JCDC competition. I remember when I did the poem on Jodian Maxwell when she landed in Jamaica after winning the Spelling Bee. That poem was even published in the papers ..."

She said that her finished pieces always surprise her because it doesn't often take her a long time to come out with the poems.

"I am a volunteer teacher, I have been doing it for years at schools in May Pen and I have taken my children to JCDC and received bronze medals. It's the Almighty and the ancestors who have given me this gift, this inspiration," she beamed.

The mother of six said that she is now working on an anthology, inspired by the successes of our local athletes.

"Once I write a poem and I read it about twice or thrice, I never forget it. I have these in my mind. It is my intention to help the children around me hone their skills in creative writing and inspire people across the world with my words," she ended.