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Some Spanish Town party promoters happy SOE ending

Published:Monday | December 17, 2018 | 12:49 PM
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Danae Hyman, Online Reporter

While some are dreading the end of the State of Public Emergency in the St Catherine North Police Division, some party promoters in Spanish Town say they are looking forward to a turnaround in their finances with the impending discontinuation of the security measure.

The security operation, which was imposed in March, will end in January after the parliamentary opposition voted against a further extension during the sitting of the House of Representatives last Tuesday.

Promoters who spoke with The Gleaner said that they have had tremendous financial losses due to restrictions associated by the state of the public emergency.

They say they have tried strategies such as moving their events to areas outside of the security zone to combat the fallout but they say the initiatives were unsuccessful.

The promoters say they also tried hosting day events to get around the 10:00 p.m cut off for parties, but they said this too did not work in their favour.

"With the state of public emergency you can't make any money, even if you move the party you still make less because people budget their money so the additional money they have to spend to get there will cause them to spend less at the bar," said Deleon Newman, promoter for the annual party 'Access Granted'.

Claudious Paul, a member of teamwire entertainment group, explained that they also suffered financially due to the security measure.

"We didn't make as much in our annual cookout because it's on a weekend and there's traffic so by the time everyone gets home to get ready and make it to the event, we have to already close it off" he lamented.

Meanwhile, Newman said while he's looking forward to the security operation ending, he hopes that the security forces will maintain a strong presence in the town and surrounding areas to keep the peace.

He also urged the government to develop a plan to curtail crime in the area.

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