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Steve Lyston | Stay focused, don't quit!

Published:Monday | December 17, 2018 | 12:00 AM

When we are coming down to the last quarter or month of the year, many people begin to lose focus because certain goals and objectives were not met, and the breakthrough which they believe God would have provided was not seen. We are seeing suicide sweep the globe, particularly among influential people; others are just found dead. However, regardless of what times and seasons you are in, God has the final say. Even if you are not in proper alignment, as you reach out to God, he can turn your season around for you with just one phone call. Never compare your success to others. Oftentimes we compare where we are with others, and that is how we become discouraged.


Be present for your blessing


Always remember, whenever the enemy is attacking by speaking negatively into your ear, you are on the verge of something big, but he wants to distract you with issues, or with the success of others, and that is always a plan to shift you from your opportunity to receive a blessing. It is like a courier who would deliver an important package with good news and blessings, but you are not at your post to receive and sign for it. So it is returned to the sender. We are not in the "Return to Sender" season.

We are in a season where we have to know what to ignore and what to attend to, and anything that is not going to be edifying, or will not help you to advance, ignore it! That includes people. Press towards the mark and focus on the key things that will bring you prosperity. Prayer changes things. Faith advances you. Worship brings change. Giving brings change. The word of God changes things. Do not quit!

God knows the timing. Stop arguing and complaining when you can use the principles. It is time for you to stop allowing the enemy to rob you. Stay focused. Focus on winning the war, not just the little battles. The night doesn't always last. There is morning on the horizon. Nothing will remain the same in life - everything changes.

Oftentimes when you are discouraged and disappointed in life, it is usually difficult for you to pray and fast. But you must choose not to listen to the enemy. If something does not line up with the word of God, reject it!


Ministering angels


Assigned to each of us are ministering angels, and their duty is to do our bidding and negotiate on our behalf. They also unblock opportunities for blessings. The Book of Daniel also attests to this. The angels assigned to you are awaiting your instructions. You have the authority to command your angels to locate your blessings and bring them to you. In the same way that you have the authority to bind and to loose, you have the power to change your environment from sadness to joy, regardless of the report you have received - whether it is a bad medical report, financial report, denial or bad marital relationship.


God can resolve any problem


Regardless of the problems you are facing, God can reverse it! Suicide or murder are never options for you to consider. We have to stir up our faith and stop allowing fear to take charge. Fear is often the biggest hindrance to our breakthrough. Your season of attack is often one of your greatest seasons of blessings. Regardless of man's laws, God changes laws, times and seasons. Always remember the eagle - the eagle uses the storm for elevation, so your storm is to elevate you. While men may throw you in the fire, the fire has the potential to purge, purify and consecrate us and cause us to become pure gold!

Recognise also that the very same fire that can make you pure gold, will burn to ashes every plan of attack, distraction, and unprofitable issue.

Hardships and problems reveal those who truly will stand with you. There are two main people in this world: the cleavers, who will stand with you no matter what, and the leavers, who will kiss you and say goodbye at the drop of a hat.

Don't quit!

- Steve Lyston is a biblical economics consultant and author of several books, including 'End Time Finance' and 'The New Millionaire'.