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Immigration Corner | What is a Tier 5 visa?

Published:Tuesday | January 8, 2019 | 12:00 AM
Deidre S. Powell

Dear Ms Powell,

My mother lives in Canada and she would like to sponsor me. I am a 25-year-old single Jamaican teacher. Can my mother sponsor me? I have a friend whose mother sponsored her to go to the USA. She says that my mother should be able to sponsor me to go to Canada. Please tell me the best route to go to Canada. Thank you.


Dear AH,

Under the Canadian immigra-tion laws, family sponsorship is generally limited to spouses, common-law partners and dependent children. This is different from the American system. A parent is permitted to sponsor an adult family member in a case where the parent is residing in Canada on her own and has no other living relative or family member residing in Canada. Also, there are some provinces that offer other options for relatives of Canadian citizens and permanent residents to bring their family members, and so I would suggest that you speak to an immigration lawyer to assess your particular situation in detail.


Possible Options


If your mother is single or widowed with no other relative in Canada, she could sponsor one relative regardless of age or relationship. Is that your parent's situation?

Family sponsorship is not the only option for individuals who are able to satisfy the require-ments under the Express Entry system. The Express Entry system is one that manages the economic categories under the many Canadian immigration programm-es, such as Federal Skilled Worker, Canadian Experience Class, Federal Skilled Trades and the Provincial Nominee programmes.

Many individuals who are interested in emigrating to Canada to live and work on a full-time basis will need to meet certain minimum criteria under one of those programmes. Under this system, individuals can express their interest in becoming permanent residents to the government of Canada via this online portal. Once individuals express this interest, they will be placed in a pool with other candidates. Each candidate will be ranked based on the programme's point-based comprehensive ranking system. This score will determine the candidate's rank within the pool and your chances of being selected.

Individuals are selected based on their scores and granted an invitation to apply to emigrate to Canada as permanent residents.

There is no strict category of workers that will be selected. The important thing is to show that you have a minimum of one continuous year of employment with one employer.

Therefore, generally speaking, most individuals with a degree such as trained teachers, financial advisors, supervisors and managers, administrative assistants, lawyers, doctors, engineers, pathologists, medical laboratory technicians, patholo-gist assistants, land surveyors and nurses, usually get admitted into the pool and stand a chance of being granted an invitation to apply for permanent residence. Additionally, there is a great demand for people with certification and experience in trades such as welders, chefs, etc.

In order to apply as a federal skilled worker under the Express Entry system, other factors that are taken into account are your age, language skills in English or French, education, adaptability and family members in Canada. While having a valid job offer could help your to be selected, it is not required.

The Express-Entry system is the fastest way to move to Canada as a permanent resident. The immigration management system implemented by the government of Canada has made the system more efficient and, therefore, more application are being processed and done within six months.

In 2018, almost 90,000 individuals were selected via this system. This is more than the 2017 record of 86,023. It is expected that this number will continue to rise for 2019, as it is expected that the government of Canada will aim to fulfil its promise to increase the number of immigrants to Canada over the next two years. However, perspective applicants should pay attention to the fact that this year is an election year and policies could change without notice. Therefore, perspective applicants should submit their application immediately.

For more information on how to qualify and the best option for you, I recommend that you contact an authorised immigration lawyer to assist you.

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