Sat | Jul 20, 2019

JNSBL celebrates entrepreneurs

Published:Friday | January 11, 2019 | 12:00 AM
Shaw Nicholson

Annually, on Christmas Day, Miriam Segree hosts Customer Appreciation Day at her shop in Harbour View. On that day, she provides popcorn and ice cream for children and cake and sorrel for the adults.

However, recently, it was her day to be feted, as JN Small Business Loans (JNSBL) recognised Segree and several other clients for their contribution to national development and maintaining a relationship with the microfinance company on JNSBL's Customer Appreciation Day, which was held at its Duke Street office in Kingston, as well as in its branches across the island.

"Every year, I do a treat for the children and a Customer Appreciation [Day] for my customers and persons in the community at my shop in Harbour View. Therefore, it was good that JNSBL decided to treat us today," Segree said.

A JNSBL client since 2000, Segree stated that her relationship with the loan company began after she visited several other financial institutions seeking assistance to grow her business but became discouraged based on the level of paperwork and the collateral they wanted.

"A friend recommended JNSBL and told me that the process was hassle-free. Since then, I have had a relationship with the company, and they treat me like family. In fact, based on the relationship that we have had over the years, it's like I am at home when I am here," Segree said.

Jacqueline Shaw Nicholson, communication and client services manager at JNSBL, said that the Customer Appreciation Day was one way in which the microfinance company chose to thank its clients for maintaining their relationship and celebrate their commitment to the entrepreneurial journey.

"We have a solid relationship with our clients. In fact, we see all of our clients as family. Therefore, this Customer Appreciation Day was one way to bring the members of our family together and to let them know that we appreciate them and respect their commitment to financial independence," Nicholson said.




"We also thought that in addition to providing sweet treats and tokens of appreciation, we could provide our clients with useful information to strengthen their financial literacy and highlight other services that may be useful to their journey. We believe that the more knowledgeable our clients are about financial planning, the better it will be for the growth of their businesses, their communities, and the development of the country," she added.

In thanking the entrepreneurs for their support, Gillian Hyde, JNSBL general manager, explained that they were important to JNSBL and Jamaica's development.

"You are at the heart of what we do. We exist because of you, and, we remain committed to serving you. It warmed my heart to hear your stories throughout the year, and we thank you for being a part of our family," Hyde told clients.