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Little People Big Moves | Esther Omoregie - The Life of the Party

Published:Friday | January 18, 2019 | 12:00 AMTamara Bailey/Gleaner Writer
Esther Omoregie

MANDEVILLE, Manchester:

When Esther Omoregie is not busy being a diva - showcasing her witty personality - she can be found co-hosting a children's programme on NCU FM, working on outreach projects for the needy, and living life like it is golden.

Born in Jamaica to Nigerian parents, Esther will have one dying with laughter if she is engaged in conversation.

When asked if she is fluent in the Nigerian language, she responded:

"No, no, and no again. The only language I seem to be learning is Spanish ... . I thought I knew two words in Chinese and Japanese only to find out that I mixed the two up and showed people how really bad I am," she said.

Though proud of her Nigerian roots, the nine-year-old going on 90 says she won't be catching a flight there any time soon.

"I went to Tennessee, and I was there crying on the plane because my head was hurting, and mommy, who has everything in her bag - she could probably fit the house in there - gave me a painkiller ... . Now, a flight from Jamaica to Nigeria is 10 hours. I would not survive that. My mommy says I won't survive that."

The only girl for her parents and the youngest of three children said she wants to be a part-time media practitioner, a teacher, and a musician.

"I love reading, and I like to help my parents around the house. I love playing music. I play the recorder well and I am learning how to play the violin now. I really want to learn to swim ... . I can do everything if it is possible."

From grades two to four, Esther has maintained the highest GPA, and while revealing with excitement all the treats she has received for excelling academically and otherwise, she had to be asked where she got all her spunk from.

"It is in my Aaaaafffricannn blood. I am a christian, a child of God, no gangster around here," she said, turning her response into a song.

"I have the vibe, man. I have a young heart and a smart mind ... when I go to my mommy's class at the college she teaches and I am mashing up her class, the students say I am not nine, I am 32 ... you see I love to be extra, and I love drama," she added.

Speaking her second fluent language of sarcasm, Esther proceeded to state the activities that she participates in at church. "I do a lot of things at church. I sit, I stand, I sing and clap, but in all honesty, though, I make sure it can hold in a paragraph. I do a lot," she said with a hearty laugh.

With a heart of love and a genuine spirit, Esther says that she is inspired by her parents, among others.

"My inspiration comes from what I know God wants me to do. It also comes from my parents, relatives, and friends, and I have to mention my grades three and four teacher Mrs Anderson. she is a big motivator in my short lifespan."