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Growth & Jobs | Electronic engineer develops remote monitoring device

Published:Monday | January 21, 2019 | 12:00 AM
Electronics Engineer, Lindon Falconer, with his award at the National Medal for Science and Technology and Innovation awards ceremony held at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel New Kingston, in November 2018.

Security-conscious Jamaicans can now monitor movements at their homes and businesses via the Falcon B series remote monitoring and control device system.

The innovation was created by electronics engineer Lindon Falconer, who believes his invention can potentially enhance security in Jamaica.

The invention, which was entered in the 2018 National Medal for Science, Technology and Innovation Awards in November, won the Engineering and Manufacturing category.

Falconer said Falcon B uses a SIM card which can be linked to any of the local mobile networks.

He notes that once the system is purchased, persons will be required to either top up the SIM card or pay a monthly fee for post-paid accounts.


Falconer explains that it has three main features – a GSM alarm system, remote monitoring and remote control.

He notes that it functions are similar to a regular alarm system and can operate in homes and businesses.

“It monitors both wired and wireless alarm, and can communicate with up to 16 different zones,” he says.

Falconer further points out that if the system is armed and a zone is triggered, it will enable a siren which can be placed on silent mode, if needed.

It will then send SMS (text) messages and generate phone calls to the numbers programmed in the system.

Falconer says the remote-control feature enables clients to use their phone via a mobile application or text messaging to power up or shut down appliances.

The system can also be armed and disarmed using a text message.

The user may also configure and preset the date and time that they would like the system to power up.

Falconer emphasises that persons using the Falcon B system will be promptly alerted if there is a breach in security.

“With a camera-only system, if there is a security breach on the premises, the person might not be aware, as the camera only allows you to become aware after the fact,” he explains.

The inventor also shares that despite the system not being the first of its kind, it is the first to have so many features.

He said the security system gives the user a number of functionalities that are not typically seen in GSM alarms.

These include remote monitoring; monitoring of smoke and gas sensors, as well as water or fuel levels; temperature; and lighting.

Additionally, he says that the system can be customised to monitor various other sensors.

Falconer further informs that the security solution is designed to alert users when the SIM card’s credit is about to expire, as well as provide the balance.

The creator says even though the system is not fully on the market, interested customers may contact him at

He also anticipates that the innovation, coupled with his expertise, will contribute to the development of Jamaica.