Sun | Jan 26, 2020

Nuh Dutty up Jamaica anymore

Published:Wednesday | January 23, 2019 | 11:12 PM


Four weeks into the plastic ban and here we are still fumbling with wholesalers and retailers determined to keep pumping out single use plastics. I was more than taken aback on the weekend after a visit to grab some groceries at a popular supermarket in Ocho Rios, where I was given black plastic/'scandal bags' to take home.

While I'll write it off as the company just trying to get rid of the scandal bags it had already ordered, it shows how we approach rules and matters of law and order in Jamaica.

Is this ban just a formality? A PR stunt? Or is it something that we are committed to as a nation. Do we solemnly swear to stop dutty up Jamaica?

I wish to discredit those who argue about the availability and affordability of alternatives locally. Every problem can be solved with a little research and I've found Bio Packaging Solutions Limited and a few others that offer the products we ought to transition to at competitive prices. I'd like to commend them for their innovation, as all of their products are completely bio-degradable and they've developed a system to collect and repurpose the used products as compost materials for farmers.

I believe this ban on single use plastics is worth our effort and it may be one of the things this current administration has done correctly. It is not deep rooted in our culture as Jamaicans to care very much about the environment, but this too can change. Support the ban, purchase reusable grocery bags, refuse scandal bags and, most importantly, implore your favourite eateries to ditch the styrofoam.

Nuh dutty up Jamaica...anymore.