Sun | Sep 15, 2019

Miss Birdie goes Gluten free

Published:Thursday | January 24, 2019 | 12:12 AM
N’uffins, bags of wholesome treats.
N’uffins, bags of wholesome treats.

Known for pure, wholesome goodness, Miss Birdie is once again offering salubrious treats to mesmerise your taste buds.

Now it’s introducing F1RST, a low and gluten-free product line of products for persons who suffer from the celiac disease. N’uffins are what the chocolate-and-banana flavoured and primary wheat-free muffins are called.

Miss Birdie is a family brand that is committed to pulling out healthy eating habits from its oven. So, treating yourself to healthy snacks is the sweet house’s priority, and N’uffins is its latest attempt of providing palate-pleasing options.

Brian Lawrence, marketing coordinator of Consolidated Bakeries Jamaica Limited, the parent company of Miss Birdie, explained that the entity is taking a different approach to pastries.

“We’ve seen that a lot more persons [are] developing gluten allergies in Jamaica. So, we decided to make a product line that follows the same Purity and Miss Birdie branding and provide options with pure, wholesome ingredients that everybody can eat,” Lawrence told Food.

It’s an absolute alternative to the traditional desserts. And make a perfect snack any time of the day. They are also setting out prove that gluten-free products are just as delicious as those made from gluten. Plus, with a cup of coffee your gustatory cells will savour the interesting sensations in each bite of the morsels.

“We put your health and family first and the things you consume. We are sensitive to how you eat and we want to cater to everybody and not just those who are able to consume everything,” he said.


In supporting local farmers, the decadent dessert is made from cassava flour, flavoursome chocolate and a number of other authentic Jamaican ingredients and spices. It’s all done to give your taste buds a one-of-a-kind experience.

You should all have an idea of how a regular chocolate muffin tastes. Well, that is the same thing with N’uffins. It has the same consistent texture. It’s just delicious and you’ll surely enjoy it.

Already the cocoa-based bite has hit the market. The second option, along with the bakery’s low-gluten bread made with gluten-free flour, will follow suit soon. The sweet house promises to continue providing more delicious and decadent desserts from the growing product line.

The goodies are currently available at two locations in Kingston, Loshusan and General Foods Liguanea. However, there are plans in place to supply the snacks at supermarkets and retailers islandwide.