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Diary of a Ghetto Priest | Abortion and truth

Published:Friday | February 1, 2019 | 12:17 AMFr Richard Ho Lung
Pregnancy, foetus

We cannot say “Thou shall kill the baby in your womb if it is inconvenient.” The Lord has said “thou shall not kill.” It is without doubt a life, a life of a baby in the womb.

Why can’t we face up to the truth? That five per cent, 10 per cent, 20 per cent that are for or against abortion does not change the fact that wrong is wrong, and right is right. The greatest curse upon a nation, says Isaiah, is to call right wrong and wrong right (Isaiah 5:20).

Does it matter that much of the population, most of the population, or only one per cent of the population says “we must legalise abortion.” Murder is just murder, it cannot be changed. As to whether it be condemned by death is another question.


The Judaeo-Christian tradition does not believe in condemnation but repentance. We are not an “eye for an eye” people. We are in a different dispensation: Call the sinner to repentance, let the mother be understood, the wrong done must be recognised, and God’s justice and mercy exercised.

In fact, the Christian way of confronting evil is often much more merciful than the civil law. As the scripture tells us, “No man is to be condemned, all sins can be forgiven, except the sin against the Holy Spirit.”

A child is a child, no matter how young it is, no matter what is its size, it will be a person like you and I. The child, whether born out of lust or love, did not call itself into being. All evidence shown by ultrasound indicate that the baby in the womb wants to live. It squirms away from any instrument of murder.

There are two people, the mother and the baby. Who defends or speaks for the baby in the womb? Does it want to live, should it be given a chance to live? Abortion is against natural law and therefore against the law of Christ and the Christian church.

People say it should be legalised in certain cases. What cases? What of the baby? Is it given a chance to decide? It is the baby’s life – given by God. Why has God given the baby life?

There should be love, mercy and kindness offered to a mother who lived an undisciplined life, as Dr Charles Royes has said.

Our sisters have a home: Holy Innocents. There we take in women who are pregnant, who need advice. Please call at 876-967-1530 or 876-948-5775. The mothers can stay at Holy Innocents Centre. They can have their babies and leave them with the sisters. The mothers can stay with sisters until they feel ready to leave. They may have their babies for adoption or can be temporarily left with the sisters.

Peace! Peace! Peace! Not war against the babies of our womb.

Please do not rationalise and make Jamaica a killing field for babies because of “inconvenient pregnancies”. It is only due to our moral carelessness.

‘Please do not rationalise and make Jamaica a killing field for babies because of “inconvenient pregnancies”. It is only due to our moral carelessness.’