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Chuck: Barbican better for most people

Published:Sunday | February 3, 2019 | 12:22 AM
Taxi operator, Mikey, is bemoaning the lack of provisions for him and his colleagues.


Member of Parliament for St Andrew North East, Delroy Chuck, is adamant that the advantages from the Barbican Road Improvement Project far outweigh any disadvantages.

According to Chuck, the general feedback is that people are very happy with the improvement of the road and the benefits

“There are some small businesses that are doing better and others may be affected, but this is always one of the consequences of changes and improvement,” Chuck told The Sunday Gleaner.

“Some will benefit and others will suffer and it’s regrettable (but) those who are suffering must find appropriate ways and means so that they can benefit from the improvement,” added Chuck.

With several persons expressing concern about the concrete median in the roadway, Chuck argued that it is in the best interest of those using the road.

“The concrete separation, a bit unsightly, but it serves a purpose to ensure that people, especially pedestrians, do not move across the road at any, and everywhere,” said Chuck.

The MP expressed sympathy with the taxi drivers who have complained that the road improvement was done with no provision for them to park, and promised more improvements in the area.

“I think the people who suffer the most are the taxi drivers for whom no appropriate taxi stand was provided. They are creating more of a challenge because they stop on the side to pick up passengers, and it’s a bit unfortunate that a stand was not provided,” said Chuck.

That was echoed by Michael, who operates a taxi from Barbican to Half-Way Tree.

He told The Sunday Gleaner that the upgraded roadway is hurting his colleagues and himself.

“We nah make no more money. We have nowhere to park and load, we just drive around the area or stop at the gas station till the car load. We need a parking stand.

“We stop yah so, (near a grocery store in Barbican Square) more time, but you get in a problem with police because a yellow line and you no supposed to stop.

“So we just afi drive round and mek a quick stop yah so and a quick stop deh so,” said Michael who has been operating a taxi for 22 years.

He said he has already received a ticket for illegal parking on the improved roadway.