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Steve Lyston | Rest in the midst of chaos

Published:Monday | February 11, 2019 | 12:00 AM

Rest is one of the most important things for our spiritual, emotional, and mental development and well-being. Rest strengthens us and God uses it for preservation. The time of rest is the time God uses to pour into us. There are even boundaries given to man to rest from all work, as a time of physical and spiritual consecration and reflection (Genesis 2: 2-3).

When we rest, we have less stress. When we rest, it is a time of refreshing, replenishing, and reprogramming; and it also brings peace of mind. Even Jesus rested (Mark 4: 35-41; Mark 6: 31-32).

Regardless of the crowd, with the needs and the demands placed on Him, Jesus realised that He had to pull away to a private place to rest and to commune with the Father. He didn’t allow the storms and winds of life to prevent Him from resting. Jesus was sleeping – resting – in the midst of the storm and chaos that was taking place. He was resting to fulfil a greater purpose. If He is God and He is doing it, what about us?

Responsibilities and Relaxation

Many times, we have allowed jobs and responsibilities to hinder us from rest and relaxation. We may even think that we are a ‘saviour’, and if we fail to deal with the needs, the demands, the chaos, and the storms taking place, then we will be less relevant, and that should never be.

When you are sick, because of stress and lack of rest, then you will finally get a revelation of what things are most important in life. Sometimes those for whom you are working yourself to a frazzle won’t even be there for you, and then you will see where their loyalty really lies. There are many who don’t care about your well-being and are like vultures circling – waiting to be your replacement.

Even pastors make the mistake of spending hours labouring without any form of boundaries set to deal with the needs of the people. Let anything happen to you and you will see how quickly loyalties shift!

There needs to be set boundaries. There are times when problems come and you have to ignore them. Let them call 119 or read Psalm 121.

Know Your Boundaries

In the midst of a demanding ministry, Jesus spent time with His family and those who loved Him. Not everyone will value your time and your sacrifice. So, we have to be balanced and to set boundaries. We must stay physically, emotionally, and mentally fit and rest for the expansion and greater things that God wants to do with us.

CEOs and politicians often make the mistake of going all in for everyone else at the expense of their families. Most of them will be up late doing reports to meet deadlines and it takes them away from the presence of God. So cigarettes, coffee, and alcohol become their source of inspiration. They are doing what they were not created to do.

God created us with the capacity to rest, to be replenished while He works things out for us. Now, so many things have been created to distract us – social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and the like. There will always be people who don’t value instructions or your time, so they will always be there to bring stress upon you.

Pull Away, Pray and Play

Jesus pulled away to rest even when John the Baptist was beheaded (Matthew 14) and, possibly, God gave Him a revelation to deal with the needs of the masses. So we cannot, for example, reduce poverty if we don’t get a revelation from the Father. There is a difference between what is urgent and what is important. Only in God’s presence will we know the difference.

The Earth is in trouble and we spend hours in meeting after meeting trying to solve what we were not created to solve. When we rest, at times, we get greater ideas and solutions. Why do you believe so many executives – especially the men – spend so much time and money on stimulants trying to deal with their testosterone issues? People go into politics, for example, with black hair and come out with white hair, and not because of the length of time spent. There is nothing wrong with playing some golf, hiking, bird shooting or playing dominoes with a few friends, even in the midst of chaos.

- Steve Lyston is a biblical economics consultant and author of several books, including ‘End Time Finance’ and ‘The New Millionaire’.