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Nostalgia style party for Couples Sans Souci 13th Anniversary

Published:Friday | February 15, 2019 | 12:21 AM
THE TEAM of cooks and chefs.
Chief executive officer of Couples Resorts, Glenn Lawrence (centre), flanked by his children Simone (left) and Samuel.
Dynamic Event Services' Dollis Campbell poses next to a red 1958 MGA at the Couples Sans Souci 13th Anniversary 'Nostalgia' party.


Couples Sans Souci’s Pierre Battaglia and his team, recently took guests through an era of Nostalgia, as the 13-year-old Couples Sans Souci, celebrated its anniversary in style, showcasing vintage vehicles, gastronomy, entertainment and fashion to complement a tradition that they have become renowned for.

The occasion over at Sans Souci, was 'lit' with fireworks, and the likes of Tammy T, Klyve and Stanryck, providing a ball of energy.

“We were celebrating the golden years of tourism, celebrating the visionary Abe Issa,” Battaglia told Living during the event, adding that it was Issa who at the start of the tourism industry, attracted high end guests to Jamaica.

His Nostalgia décor included a 1958 MGA and a 1962 Mercedes sports Benz.

Bellmen with white gloves, a mento band expressing their type of music that existed before reggae and dinner under candlelight, with golden vest servers, was the order of the evening.