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Poorman giving as good as he gets

Published:Friday | February 15, 2019 | 12:17 AM
Calvin Poorman smiles for the camera at his Eazzii Access Party in Claremont, St Ann.


Calvin Poorman has been doing his part in developing the community of Harmony Vale in St Ann.

As a party host and promoter, Poorman makes a profit from entertaining the public with four annual parties held in the Claremont and Harmony Vale communities. He was led to give back to his community after an encounter in a barber shop.

“I had a party, and one day I was at a barber shop talking about the party,” Poorman said. “A pastor who was in the shop asked how I was giving back to the society, and I had to think about it. From then, I have tried to help and do as much as possible.”

Poorman explained that he has been giving back to his community since 2013, starting with the Harmony Vale Basic School. “I purchased a stove for the basic school, and I also helped with their Christmas party that year,” Poorman said.

During that same year, he repainted the community’s welcome sign to make the surrounding more inviting. Poorman continued to contribute by painting the Harmony Vale Basic School in 2014 and assisted the Bensonton Primary School’s breakfast-feeding programme by donating utensils.

With the students’ safety in mind, Poorman also donated material to fix a railing at the Harmony Vale Basic School in 2015. He assisted in the years that followed, the most recent of which was an Easter treat at the St Ann’s Bay Infirmary in 2018.


While Poorman is proud of what he can do to help others, he is extremely proud of one student that he has been assisting since 2017.

“There is one little boy who I help with back-to-school supplies,” he said. “I met him one day when I went to do some business with his father, and this little boy was so ‘prime’ that I started to video him and had him repeat stuff, promoting one of my upcoming events, and the video went viral,” Poorman recalled laughing.

Many saw the video and contacted Poorman, jesting that he has to pay the young boy. Poorman considered how he could repay the boy and has since then found ways to assist his parents with back-to-school preparations.

Poorman has also proved that the saying, ‘what goes around comes around’, is true as he has also benefited from giving back.

“I see where from helping where I can, my brand has expanded and I am getting more support at my events, and I will continue to help who I can,” Poorman stated.

He started hosting parties seven years ago when he and a friend were talking in a restaurant.

“One day I was in a restaurant talking with a colleague and he was talking about parties and money, so I thought, since I know so many people, maybe I could do something like that,” Poorman said. “I used BBM (Blackberry Messenger) to send out a broadcast that I was having a party, and the response was great.”

That is how the foundation started and his first party, Eazzii Access, was born. With so many events making profit, Poorman makes it a duty to have a party in December in Harmony Vale just to show his appreciation for the support he gets throughout the year.

The businessman grew up in Harmony Vale and attended Claremont All-Age School, then went to Ferncourt High School, where he did the business subjects. He later pursued an associate degree in business and marketing at Moneague College.

Poorman told The Gleaner that his motivation to keep earning and helping comes from his two-year-old daughter, Cahlia.