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Growth & Jobs | Building Jamaica: Make-up artist develops product line

Published:Tuesday | February 19, 2019 | 12:00 AM
Winner of the make-up category, Shellene Gregory works on her model during the final theme, Africa Futuristic.
Shellene Gregory shows off her interpretation of Africa Futuristic.

Viewing the Instagram page of make-up artist Shellene Gregrory’s Prissie Missie Cosmetic Jamaica Limited reveals some colourful and creative make-up applications. Scroll through further and you will discover eyelash extensions, which are specially designed for her growing clientèle.


While make-up is Gregory’s specialty, the eyelash extensions are a new product addition. The cosmetic line of eyelashes called ‘Prissie Missie,’ is a part of the new line, marketed by the 2018 winner of the Make-up Category in the Barber and Beauty Battle, mounted annually by the JN Small Business Loans (JNSBL). She plans to have a wide range of cosmetic products catering to every need of her clients.

“I have worked on building my brand Prissie Missie Cosmetics Jamaica Limited,” explained the former teacher. “I have also launched my own line of eyelash extensions; and am looking to add lipsticks, later this year.”

“I have always aimed to go into product development and have an entire line of cosmetic products because although I love make-up, there can be very slow periods. However, by developing a product line, I would have a steady income while creating employment and making my brand a household name,” she related.

So far, Gregory stated that the response to her eyelash extensions have been positive.

“I carried out a lot of research to source the extensions,” she explained. “It was difficult because I wanted to get the ones I would wear and not simply random ones. My clients have welcomed the products and have referred them to other persons. I have received queries and orders, as a result; and hope that this product will grow my client base even further.”


A full-time make-up artist since 2015, Gregory markets her service and products through referrals and social media; as well as, use YouTube videos to learn and develop unique techniques about make-up applications.

“I love what I do,” she affirmed. “I am always looking to be a better make-up artist; and, therefore, every chance I get, I watch the various applications to gain knowledge of the latest techniques to be better serve my clients. I spend a lot of time watching make-up videos and 'Face-Off,' a television series about persons who do special effects make-up.”

Since she won the JNSBL Barber and Beauty Battle, The Mico University graduate’s client base has expanded; and, she now has clients from across the country.

“My client base is mainly persons between 18 and 50 years-old, who want a different look for their birthdays, weddings or graduation. I have travelled as far as Ocho Rios, at the request of clients; and persons have come to my shop from other parts of the island, as well,” she explained.

“Entering the competition was a positive step for me,” she explained. “It gave me exposure; and the funds helped me to register my company; as well as introduce my line of products. I have also become more professional, based on the lessons I learned while participating in the competition.”

Gillian Hyde, general manager JNSBL, explained that the aim of the JNSBL Barber and Beauty Battle is to expose the talent in the Jamaican beauty sector, while providing participants with opportunities to for entrepreneurship.

“I commend Ms Gregory for making the decision to start her own line of products,” she affirmed. “Her desire to become an entrepreneur and establish a reputable brand is in line with the JNSBL Barber and Beauty Battle’s main objectives. We will continue to support the sector by exposing the talent that exists within the industry. We are proud of the progress which Miss Gregory has made; and, we will continue to encourage her in whatever way we can.”

Apart from new product development, the former teacher hopes to expand her skills further, by doing special effects make-up for film.

“I want to study the techniques for film make-up, because my passion is in Fantasy and Avant Garde make-up artistry.Therefore, I want to work on movie sets, doing make-up and that is currently one of my goals,” she declared.

Gregory developed an interest in make-up while growing up, and watching her mother apply eyeliner and other cosmetics. She has no regrets about her chosen path and is grateful that her family supported her along the way.