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Earth Today | Wisynco Group launches new corporate recycling challenge

Published:Thursday | March 7, 2019 | 12:07 AM
The winning team of Kingston Freeport Terminal was excited about contributing to a cleaner, greener Jamaica . From left are Camille Campbell, Lenworth Hunter and Christopher Gayle, together with Shelly-Ann Dunkley, Kayalecia Hemley and Chanelle Fingal-Robinson.
Team members of Flow, which placed third in the mini-challenge, were proud of the 2,024 plastic bottles they cleared from Fort Rocky.
The JAMPRO team of Stefan Chang along with Tiffany Lindo (left) and Anelia Nelson (right) are happy with their own haul of plastic bottles.

THE WISYNCO Group has launched their third Corporate Recycling Challenge at Fort Rocky, Port Royal – and with a beach clean-up.

The high volume of plastic waste impacting Jamaica’s shoreline made the location and clean-up action perfect for the launch event, according to Wisynco, which has demonstrated a commitment to promoting and enabling recycling on the island.

“As a Jamaican manufacturing company, we have a responsibility to tackle this and many issues affecting our nation. We have, over the years, implemented initiatives, such as this Recycle Challenge, in order to promote sustainable development and environmentally friendly practices,” said Shelly-Ann Dunkley, environmental communication officer with Wisynco.

The corporate entities that have accepted the challenge for this round of the Challenge include Nationwide News Network, JAMPRO, FLOW, Kingston Freeport Terminal Limited (KFTL) and ATL Automotive.

To date, the Wisynco ECO Recycle Challenge has facilitated the collection of over 649,048 plastic bottles, with the involvement of more than a dozen corporate entities.

Wisynco ECO has led the charge by hosting internal workshops with participating companies in order “to educate and motivate persons to become environmentally conscious”, and with some good results.

The second round of the three-month long Recycle Challenge exceeded collection goals with an overall 384,000 bottles recycled among six companies.

This year, Wisynco’s plan is to expand the ‘recycle revolution’ with an increased target of 400,000 bottles by the end of the competition in April.

“The Recycle Challenge has gained significant traction over the past six months. We have had companies reach out to us requesting to be a part of the competition in order to show their support and play their part,” Dunkley revealed.

“Last round, we exceeded our goal by 84,000 plastic bottles and this year we will set the bar even higher while we continue to fulfill our mandate of promoting civic responsibility and changing the culture in Jamaica by creating not just awareness, but also sustainable solutions to our national waste management issues,” she added.

Meanwhile, KFTL emerged as the recycling champion of the day, as they won the day’s mini challenge, collecting 6,632 plastic bottles from the shoreline and road way.

“The objectives of the competition are in direct alignment with KFTL’s internal and external environmental programmes and projects,” said environmental specialist at KFTL, Christopher Gayle.

“I expect our entry in the competition to reinforce positive behaviour change among our staff, some of whom came out and ensured that we won the mini-competition decisively. Finally, I wish our competitors all the best for the remainder of the competition as they vie for the second place spot,” he added.