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Cuban Ambassador’s message to Jamaican women

Published:Friday | March 8, 2019 | 12:37 AM
Inez Fors Fernández
Inez Fors Fernández

Ambassador of the Republic of Cuba in Jamaica Inés Fors Fernández, in her message to Jamaican women, said on the occasion of the hard-earned day of recognition it is a good day to celebrate that progress, even as she hinted at causes for worry.

“We live a decisive moment for the rights of women. The ­historical and structural inequalities that have given rise to oppression and ­discrimination continue to grow at levels of concern. Promoting ­gender equality, the empowerment of women, the elimination of ­discrimination against women to achieve their full participation in society under the same conditions as men are pending tasks of our time and important challenges to meet,” she said in a release yesterday.

Fors Fernández said that Cuba was celebrating International Women’s Day “under conquests and promising realities, which show the real possibility of overcoming ­discrimination and gender gaps”.

In Cuba, she said that life expectancy is above 80 years, and maternal mortality rate is among the lowest in the world. Women, she said, made up 79 per cent of the Cuban health personnel, and 67 per cent of the labour force, and with the highest technical and professional qualifications, were “ just some of Cuba’s achievements in terms of empowerment and vindication of its women”.

According to Fors Fernández, 53 per cent of the seats in the Parliament are held by women, and this has made Cuba the second country in the world with the highest female representation in the legislature.

Offering congratulations to Jamaican women for their achievements, Fors Fernández said, “There are many challenges we still have to overcome, but our maxim should be to move forward without neglecting remaining and future challenges.