Wed | Nov 13, 2019

Nuh dutty up the road: JET reminds carnival revellers

Published:Thursday | April 11, 2019 | 12:19 AM
A model shows one of the Nuh Dutty up the road carnival tumblers.

The Jamaica Environment Trust (JET) has announced the expansion of its Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica (NDUJ) carnival campaign – Nuh Dutty Up Di Road! – in 2019. Nuh Dutty Up Di Road reminds revellers to take responsibility for their garbage during the carnival season. Bacchanal Jamaica, Xaymaca International, and Xodus Carnival have all joined the Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica movement to help spread the Nuh Dutty Up Di Road message in 2019. All three carnival bands are featured in JET’s new Nuh Dutty Up Di Road public service announcement (PSA) which premiered on social media on Tuesday.

“Carnival is one of the events on Jamaica’s calendar that can generate a lot of garbage,” said Lauren Creary, JET project coordinator. Nuh Dutty Up Di Road highlights simple things revellers can do to reduce their garbage at fêtes and on carnival day. It’s amazing to see all the Jamaican bands come together to raise awareness of good solid waste management practices during carnival,” she continued.

Nuh Dutty Up Di Road reminds carnival revellers to:

- Carry yuh cup – take a reusable cup to carnival fêtes and the road march.

- Skip the straw– single-use plastic straws are banned in Jamaica; take a reusable straw to carnival fêtes and the road march or skip the straw altogether.

- Bag it and bin it – don’t litter; ensure your garbage is properly disposed of in a garbage bag and bin.

Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica teams will be present at several fêtes and carnival costume distribution centres in the weeks leading up to carnival, giving away reusable cups and tumblers, reusable bags and reusable straws to partygoers and revellers. Through Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica, JET has also distributed 8,000 biodegradable lunch boxes, donated by VS Pack Solutions, to the carnival bands for use at their lunch stops on carnival day.


Through Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica, JET will also be partnering with Carnicycle to promote carnival costume recycling by Jamaican revellers in 2019. Carnicycle collects and recycles used costumes following carnival activities in the Caribbean and will be doing collections for the first time in Jamaica this year. “Carnicycle is excited to partner with Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica for their Nuh Dutty Up Di Road campaign,” said Danii Mcletchie, Carnicycle co-founder. “We’re here to show revellers that there are super simple ways to have fun, fête and care for the environment,” she continued.

A calendar of events where Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica and Carnicycle will be on hand with giveaways and information on carnival costume recycling will be posted on both group’s social media pages and on the Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica website ( in the coming week. Nuh Dutty Up Di Road is an initiative under the Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica public education campaign being delivered by JET with the support of the Tourism Enhancement Fund and Wisynco.