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'I am a hero' ... woman who led rescue of Edwin Allen students bashes critics

Published:Monday | May 13, 2019 | 12:00 AM
A screengrab of Simone Smith, a Frankfield, Clarendon resident.

Danae Hyman, Online Reporter

Simone Smith, the woman who led the rescue of the Edwin Allen High School students who were injured when the taxi in which they were travelling plunged into a river last Wednesday, has taken to Facebook to lambaste users who criticised her intelligence and to praise herself as a hero despite their comments.

Speaking with the media following the crash, Smith said the taxi had stopped on the bridge when a speeding car came crashing into it, pushing the vehicle over the bridge, which has no barriers.

She said that after the crash, a group of men rushed to assist the injured children but first had to turn over the vehicle.
Eleven students were injured.

Smith, in her post, bashed her critics for turning a serious situation into a joke.

"Me nuh care what nobody want to say me a hero, I'm still in shock and yet people choose to bash me and its killing me. Who knows me know that I am highly intelligent and Jamaica want to kill me for one simple mistake. I save them (the students) and this is the thanks I get?"

According to Smith, it was solely up to her and other good Samaritans to save the children's lives as the police and firefighters didn't arrive on the scene until an hour later.

She also claimed that the majority of bystanders provided little to no help but were mainly concerned with capturing the ordeal on video.

"Me affi a carry pickney pon me back gah road, and some other people come deh stand up who just a take picture and video. When me carry the pickney them gah the road, the taxi drivers didn't even want to carry them to the hospital. A bad me affi bad them up," she said.

The driver of the taxi, who was said to be speeding, emerged unhurt from the crash.

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