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Mikael Phillips apologises for remarks against Labourites at political meeting

Published:Wednesday | August 14, 2019 | 10:59 AM
Mikael Phillips - File photo.

North West Manchester Member of Parliament, Mikael Phillips, has apologised for comments he made against Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) supporters at his constituency conference over the weekend.

While addressing his supporters on Saturday, Phillips defended his stewardship and denounced his opponents, charging that his constituency will never go into the hands of the ruling JLP.

“No Labourite can come ya and go on like North West Manchester a dem yaad because when we tek road, all boy haffi run weh and all gyal pickney haffi tek wey demself,” Phillips could be heard saying in an audio recording of an address purportedly made during his constituency conference on the weekend.

Phillips, in a statement today, pulled back from his remarks.

“If this was interpreted as derogatory to my political opponents and generally offensive to others, I am expressing regret.”

“I would like to apologise for any offence that my presentation may have caused,” he added.

Yesterday, the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica (PSOJ) took issue with remarks made by Phillips and follow People's National Party politician Basil Waite on political platforms.

Waite, recently confirmed as the PNP standard-bearer for North East St Elizabeth, last week apologised for derogatory comments made about JLP supporters as he addressed Comrades during a meeting in the parish.

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The PSOJ accusing them of “disgusting, disrespectful, and potentially dangerous outbursts”.

The association said that the behaviour of Phillips, in particular, was extremely disappointing as he is a vice-president of the PNP “and is someone who, hitherto, has expressed himself to be aware of the consequences of permissive and slack leadership in a society which is not anchored by strong moral principles or established cultural strictures against violent language and behaviour”.

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