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Published:Wednesday | August 14, 2019 | 12:09 AM

#TalkbackTuesday: Financial stability and crime remain long-standing issues of public outcry. Do you believe enough is being done to address these issues? #GLNRTalk

The current government says there are long term measures to fight crime that haven’t come to fruition yet, so I’m not sure if I should say yes or no. As it currently looks, I’d say no because constant SoE’s just seem to displace criminals and provide temporary peace. - @BlazinC0

Am I going to waste my time and answer this? Yes....Yes I am...ok so firstly, there is NO CRIME PLAN..people need to get that..the SOEs and ZOSOs keep rotating because really and truly there’s no way to fight the crime..why?...tht leads to the corruption..they go after the guys on the streets, the expendable people because they knw the ones really pulling the strings are “people of status” in society who are untouchable, so they do these random arrests and publicize it to make us feel work is being done...unemployment can’t be fixed either, it has improved a little, but still can’t be fixed, cuz this is Jamaica, if u dnt have links, u ain’t getting anywhere....all this to say...i love my country, but we’re screwed....THE END - @thatguy_campbell

SOE’s, main effect , shock effect , shock and awe is list now , murders and crime continue in the West. We as a country, non partisan, need to affirm good morals , and our leaders need to come together and solve the crime problem , it was a problem under PNP, then JLP, PNP, now JLP again and crime affects us all so stop the games and come up with the plan. - @enadrellim

Reduce the cost of schooling which will result in a more educated population. It is a booming business here and it doesn’t have to be so expensive. This is not rocket science. Students in Panama for example, pay as little as $45 US/Balboas for college education per term because of a forward thinking society. It is clear that we are in such a terrible state because it is profitable for The “Haves” to ensure that illiteracy reigns. The talk shop is garbage because it will not change. I have no loyalty when it comes to politics, only to the development of my country and it starts with education. If you are smarter you will make better decisions. If you cannot afford schooling you will think about turning to crime. If you are educated, you can ultimately become more financially stable because you will create sensible businesses and know how to market them the right way by extending them to the wider global village. This is not a discussion that many Jamaicans are ready to have though because we love to talk as a people but not about cold, hard facts like these. - @ chynad0ll_876_