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Digicel launches digital engagement platform

Published:Friday | August 23, 2019 | 12:16 AM
Allison Philbert, CEO of Digicel Jamaica.
Allison Philbert, CEO of Digicel Jamaica.

With a simple tap on their Facebook Messenger app, telecommunications firm Digicel says it customers can now have instant access to information about their prepaid and postpaid services, with the power to make changes as they like.

“In the same way they’d check inbox messages, customers can now search for Digicel More in the Facebook Messenger app and immediately check their balances and activate prepaid plans, review charges, view exclusive offers and get answers to frequently asked questions,” Digicel said in a release.

“There’s also a treasure trove of hand-picked ‘Neverthink’ videos featuring trending lifestyle topics, including comedy, beauty and food.”

The introduction of Digicel More is part of a mission to cater to the needs of customers more efficiently as Digicel positions itself as a digital lifestyle partner for its customers. The digital engagement platform has been made possible through a partnership between Digicel and, a Silicon Valley tech company that revolutionises mobile engagement.

Customers who browse the app while using Digicel mobile data will get automatic access to manage their account. Since Facebook Messenger is already one of the most popular apps in Jamaica, customers can jump right in with no need to download any new software.

“We’re all about optimising our interactions with our customers and enhancing their digital experience. And today marks an important step forward on our journey towards becoming our customers’ digital lifestyle partner,” said CEO of Digicel Jamaica Allison Philbert.

“As we encourage and enable our customers to live their best digital lives,’s unique platform provides the opportunity to engage and serve them inside social media.”

Augie K. Fabela II, CEO of, said: “We’re very excited to launch our platform with Digicel and together drive the mobile digital revolution in Jamaica. brings our Silicon Valley user experience and enables Digicel to give any mobile customer in Jamaica the convenience of one-click digital commerce and account management inside the world’s premier social media and messaging apps.”