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ADVERTORIAL: PMP Certification: How it Can Benefit You

Published:Thursday | August 29, 2019 | 1:33 PM

Are you pursuing a career that involves project management in a particular industry? If you are, one step that you can take to advance your career significantly is to acquire Project Management Professional (PMP) certification.

Although PMP certification has strict requirements and is known for being time-consuming and difficult to obtain, it is worth its weight in gold. It will provide you with numerous benefits across the board:

Adds credibility to your resume

Being able to state on your resume that you are PMP certified is a huge advantage. It will provide credible proof that you have a working knowledge of the various areas that are covered by the course.

Many big corporates and multinationals specifically look for PMP certification for project management roles. Overall, that should help make you more employable, and help you to land the jobs that you want.

Improves salary potential

The value that employers place in PMP certification can be seen directly from the salary potential of project managers with and without it. On average PMP-certified project managers earn about 20% more than those who are not certified.

Needless to say, this is a big part of the appeal of the qualification, and it is why it can represent a big step forward for your career and income prospects as a whole.

Internationally-recognised across numerous industries

Compared to other certifications, the PMP certification is regarded as the gold standard for project management due to how widely-recognised it is. Not only is it recognised in most countries, but it is also a qualification that is relevant to practically any industry.

Suffice to say, having a PMP certificate will allow you to expand your horizons without being limited in any way. It will continue to provide benefits even if you decide to work overseas or switch to a different industry.

Enhances project management skills

The PMP certification is a qualification that covers numerous skills that are key to project management. By pursuing it you’ll develop and enhance your project management processes, tools, techniques, and best practices.

In short, you’ll be able to perform your job far more effectively once you’ve acquired your PMP certificate. Although it will be challenging, you can pursue PMP training in Dubai or other locations in order to ensure that you are prepared with the skills that you require.

Facilitates networking opportunities

Membership to the Project Management Institute (PMI) that offers the PMP certification can provide you with lots of networking opportunities worldwide. Not only does the PMI hold frequent meetings in major cities, but it also holds meetings to help members fulfill the Continuous Credential Requirements (CCR) of the PMP certification.

During these networking sessions, you will be able to find out about new job opportunities, meet other members, and establish valuable connections.

On top of that, the online and offline PMP communities can play the same role as well.

Now that you can see how PMP certification can benefit you, the real question is: Why would you not want to acquire it?

If you are interested the first thing that you should do is make sure that you meet the requirements for the certification. Additionally, it may help to look into courses that could help you to prepare for the exam itself.

Once you have your certificate in hand, you can enjoy all of the benefits that come with it. Make no mistake there are lots of other ways that it can help you with your job and career as a whole – and it will undoubtedly prove to be useful for years to come.