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DJ Nicholas lashes out against ‘hypocritical Christians’

Published:Sunday | September 8, 2019 | 12:00 AMShann Kaye Monteith/Gleaner Writer
Gospel artiste DJ Nicholas

It was an evidently fed-up DJ Nicholas that took to Facebook on Tuesday evening to record his displeasure with what he described as self-righteousness among Christians today.

The popular DJ, who has been on the reggae gospel train for many years, admitted that he understood that everyone wouldn’t enjoy all types of music, however, he raised issue with the many negative comments to which he has been subjected over the years, despite his usual efforts to ignore them.

In a video posted to his social media page, DJ Nicholas said, “This self-righteous, religious spirit weh love tear down people and come against everything that you think is outside of what you believe it should be, is a religious, self-righteous spirit weh did kill Jesus.”

He explained.

“Judas was paid by the Pharisees fi betray Jesus. Judas realize him do something wrong and him a try give back the money. And they said no we can’t take it, its unholy money…its blood money.

“We can’t put this in the treasury or in the basket. They paid Judas fi betray an innocent man, but at the same time they were so righteous that them couldn’t tek the money in the offering because is blood money.

“They were so hypocritical and self-righteous that they couldn’t stand Jesus. Jesus wasn’t the norm. And what happened was Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, but now this aguh mash up them likkle dollyhouse because if Lazarus raise from the dead, then people aguh start believe in Jesus so they start planning to kill back Lazarus.”

Self-righteous religious people

Tying in his current plight to the popular Bible story and comparing those who negatively judge his ministry, DJ Nicholas said that some people say they don’t listen to his music because it doesn’t ‘sound like gospel’.

He continued, “But you will listen to some songs wehnuh have nothing to do with God, and justify it by saying is clean song, nothing nuh wrong with them.

“But my song something wrong with it because it nuh sound like gospel. How more hypocritical can you get?”

The Heart Look Ugly and Bible Addict artiste commented on the importance of knowing God for oneself.

According to Nicholas, “If I never have a personal encounter and experience with God, I would have probably started to doubt Christianity because of the way some Christians behave.

“But mi haffi understand that is just a religious spirit weh a use them and that they think they are more righteous and holy, and they know who save and who nuh save and who’s anointed and who’s not.

“If you were so righteous and holy, you would have judged properly. You would have looked past appearance and understand the purpose and calling on people’s life.”

Using the opportunity to leave a word of encouragement to others who are having similar experiences Nicholas said, “If you are an individual that people love judge and tear down, and you know you a live a life before God, then continue live your life before God.

If you are an individual who everybody don’t understand, but you know what you’re doing is being done for the Kingdom of God, then continue doing it.

I’m encouraging those who a tear down people, if you don’t understand something, pray for it. And those of you who are going through persecution, stand up on the word of God, continue press towards the mark of God and nuh mek nothing distract you and remember as my motto say, Lift Jesus high and keep it loud!”