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Why I believe in God – Part One

Published:Sunday | September 8, 2019 | 12:19 AMShanna Kaye Monteith - Sunday Gleaner Writer
Winston Creary,
Winston Creary,

“I used to be a disciple of Dr Michael Abrahams, who, for some time now, has been posting articles on Facebook and in the newspapers that are harshly critical of religion, in general, and Christianity in particular.

“I once shared his belief that the biblical stories are all fictional and that the Church epitomises hypocrisy and perpetuates white supremacy.

“However, after God sent my caregiver, Rose, to demonstrate to me just how real and mighty He is, I have now become converted,” said Winston Creary as he shared with his friends online an experience that ignited his belief in God.

A man who once regarded as hypocritical the regular attendance of Christians at church now considers as amazing his own zeal to be at the service each Saturday.

“I believed that all churchgoers were hypocrites, and I branded most pastors as scammers. However, although that might be generally true, there are Christians, like Rose, who commendably practise what they preach.

“When she invited me to go to her church with her, I readily accepted the invitation because I was thoroughly impressed with her uncompromising adherence to the Christian faith.

“Even so, I probably would still have retained some degree of scepticism if I hadn’t witnessed how Rose got down on her knees and wept as she prayed during the night before the day that the Grim Reaper was scheduled to take me home.

“She begged God to prove to her, that time more than ever before, that He answers prayers and still performs miracles,” Creary continued.

Let’s pause and rewind to the initial life-changing event that led to that night of intercession moderated by Creary’s beloved caretaker, which, he believes eventually spared his life, opened his spiritual eyes and steered him to God.

“I was diagnosed two years ago with ESRD (end stage renal disease). I was told I had to go on dialysis, but I went to a naturopathic internist instead, and he convinced me that he could bring back my kidneys with herbal medicines and a rigid diet.

“After working with his methods for a few months, I felt well enough to go back to work,” said Creary, who is an educator.

Turn for the worse

He admitted that he became indisciplined as he thought that he was ‘out of the woods’. So he stopped seeing the doctor and following the prescribed diet.

This made a turn for the worse in March of this year.

He told Family & Religion: “My health plummeted again and I ended up being admitted at the University Hospital (of the West Indies). Toxins had accumulated in my blood to almost fatal levels. My blood count dropped to almost zero.”

However, Creary, who, at the time, wasn’t a believer, spoke in detail of what had happened on his behalf at around 3 o’clock the morning before his almost fatal relapse.

“I heard her (Rose), during the wee hours of the morning, weeping and wailing as she cried out to God and begged for my life.

“I didn’t even realise that I was supposed to die that same day. She sensed it from the moment she stepped into my room that day. I remember how she suddenly got cross and her body language indicated that someone or something was deeply upsetting her.

“I asked her if it was me, and she just looked at me pitifully with tears in her eyes. Then, she went into the room adjoining mine, and the praying and singing started.

“She explained later, after my ordeal had subsided, that she had sensed the presence of death in my room. She said she detected an evil spirit wandering throughout the house.

“Well, later that day, after she had left to go hustle on the road to get food for me, my condition suddenly started to worsen,” Creary shared.

Creary gets dialysis twice weekly, and each treatment costs $11,000.

Those wishing to donate to the cause can contact him at 876-313-0544 for details.