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Talkback Tuesday

Published:Wednesday | October 9, 2019 | 12:25 AM

#TalkbackTuesday: Following intense public pushback, Opposition Senator Dr Andre Haughton has now said sorry for his controversial ‘breast’ comment in the Upper House. What lessons should be learned from the controversy over Haughton’s ‘breast’ remark?


• 1. Time and place is critical to expressing your thoughts

2. Have tact

3. Practice emotional intelligence

– @corvedacosta

• Apologise early and just bury the hatchet, because you just prolong the inevitable ... only thing now is that you were forced/bowed to pressure and you end up feeling humiliated.

– @aroukapenn

• He was right on point he got everyone’s attention but some people’s minds are so deep in the gutters so they miss the message.

– @danzanick09

• Lesson: men will NEVER admit that they’re wrong.

– @alibalikat

• Lesson to learn ... ano every weh yuh fi talk which part of the female anatomy you prefer.

– @kxng_taffarel

• Nothing. Every woman has breasts and men love them ... so what?

– @marshasjourney

• The media has excelled in focusing on what can be construed as negative. The media has perfected the art of drifting away from positivity.

– @red_ivy8

• The lessons I have gained from this is that the media love sensationalism and care about generating sales rather than producing investigative pieces.

– @gazdondoha

• He should learn by now that as a politician you will have to measure your speech and don’t allow yourself to be covered by the all men sexist brush because it will not be overlooked. He is young and like Damion he is going to get a lot of spanking while he grows.

– @shelia.williamshaseley

• None!! It’s not that serious!!

– @lezpezdimepiece

• When you’re in politics, you always have to be politically correct ... every single time.

– @theshawnhenry

• Any comments around (breast) gonna raise a topic. However he started off his opening comments as a child and what his mother told him where the backlash came in is when he said “”I myself “” as a public figure your words can quickly be taken out of context.

– @blairdee_

• In 2019 Jamaica, “I am a breastman” carries more scrutiny and offence than “I am a ba…man”.

– @reine_sansan

• We have reached a stage in our alleged democracy that we must now apologise for truth, honesty and freedom of speech. DR. YOU APOLOGISED FOR WHAT NOW?

– @marvin.ellis.790

• Just like how we force Dr Haughton to say sorry, maybe we should go search for Ruel Reid and former Energy minister and force them to say sorry too.

– @senj2

• Dat wen ur a public figure... representing large groups of people ... u shld take into consideration that ur views actions and the things u say may b hurtful on sum of the people u represent ... so think b4 u talk...

– @weedyweedy1

• I learn that politicians are pigheaded and find it hard to apologize... Also they came to be praised n glorified rather than be servants of the ppl.

– @fowl_farm


• He said sorry but nothing has changed. He is still a breast man. Why are we always begging for people to say that they are sorry? These are the type of people that govern our society then we bash the 15 to 19 year old boys who misbehave in school.

– @Drewgeo77

• That Haughton weak, big up warrington!!!

– @StraitEnt

• It took the stinging Gleaner Editorial today to jolt him into doing the right thing. Which tells us a great deal about the character of the man. He is not doing right because he believes it to be the honourable thing to do but instead because he was shamed into doing it. Noted.


• When you’re wrong, just admit that you made a mistake, and apologise.

– @HodeemWrites

• The younger persons who want a political career ought to have some training in how to speak, what is necessary, and appropriate. How to conduct oneself. Maybe a class which also teaches about the parties and their aim @JamaicaPNP @jlpjamaica @pnpyomovement @g2kjamaica

– @monzieann

• What happen nothing real is going on in parliament? Drop it an move on ...

– @Kwisha01