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RJRGLEANER’s Garnet Beckford thrilled with 2019 Sam Sharpe Award

Published:Wednesday | October 23, 2019 | 12:09 AMChristopher Thomas/Gleaner Writer


While he is usually a behind-the-scenes operator, RJRGLEANER Communications Group’s Television Jamaica news correspondent Garnet Beckford stole the spotlight as one of 17 awardees at the 2019 National Heroes Day Civic Awards Ceremony in Montego Bay on Monday.

Beckford, who has worked as a media practitioner since 2005 and is based in Montego Bay, was given one of this year’s seven Sam Sharpe Awards in recognition of his contribution to the field of journalism.

The ceremony was held outside the Montego Bay Cultural Centre in Sam Sharpe Square.

“I feel great to be among the distinguished honourees. I didn’t think I would ever get such an award, but I guess the organisers saw the work that I have been doing over the past 14 years,” Beckford said of his award following the ceremony.

“When they told me I was to be awarded, it was a great feeling. Many times, whatever field you’re in, it’s not all the time that people recognise the work you’ve been doing, so when you get a call and they say, ‘Yes, you’re going to get an award,’ it feels great,” Beckford added.

The other six recipients of the 2019 Sam Sharpe Award were:

n Arlene McKenzie, for the arts.

n Robert Campbell, for agriculture.

n Lorna Johnson, for national security.

n Carmen Henry-Haughton, for community service.

n T’shura Gibbs, for industry and commerce.

n Margaret Harwood-Farquharson, for education.

Ten other residents of St James received the 2019 Mayor’s Special Award. The recipients were:

n Cheryl Dixon-Wilkes and Carl Erskine, for tourism.

n Muriel Brown, for health.

n Everton ‘Frog Back’ Ferguson and Clive ‘Karate Georgie’ Lawrence, retired cops, both for national security.

n Cheryl Grant-Mitchell, for education.

n The Reverend Frederick Samuels, for religion.

n Egbert ‘Reggie’ England, deputy clerk of court, for national security and justice.

n Denver Haughton, for community development.

n Adrian Lawson, for industry and commerce.