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Hello Mi Neighbour | Walk by faith and enjoy a better life

Published:Wednesday | November 13, 2019 | 12:00 AM

Hello mi neighbour! There are many persons who know better, but whose lifestyle is no better than those who don’t know better. Christians are people who subscribe to a walk-by-faith philosophy against those who walk by sight. In many instances, however, there's little or no evidence of this faith-walk. To walk by faith is to believe before you see, while walking by sight is seeing before believing.

The smartest teacher, Jesus, taught His students that having prayed to God, if they did not believe that they had received the answer before they actually saw it, they would not see it in actuality. He wasn't trying to confuse anyone. That’s just how faith really works. And faith is work ... Successful people will tell you that they saw success before they made the first step toward their goal. Neighbour, by the end of this article, we should see how walking by faith can help us enjoy a better quality of life.

So, your marriage is bad to the bone and the only escape is a divorce. At the outset, love was mutual and strong. Leading up to the marriage, those date nights, excursions, and weekends were heaven-sent for this perfect match. 'In sickness and in health … for better or for worse' was an easy buy-in for both. Of course, flaws were evident, but were excused by the till-death-do-us-part mindset. Going good!

Six months into marriage, the hand-at-jaw posture is telling a story: the expected 'better' has been delayed and bitterness has settled in, followed by the three misses: misunderstanding, mismanagement and mistrust who in turn dumped five 'outaadah' children on the couple: disrespect, anxiety, impatience intolerance, unkindness. Now that all hell has broken lose, it’s time for a breakup. but hang on a minute!

By faith, one can begin to see an improved marriage and start working towards it. Wise couples know that bitterness in relationships will wither affection and strangle intimacy. They know that left unchecked, bitterness can snowball and destroy everything in its path. This couple is aware that if the wife criticises her husband instead of listening, and he nurses resentment and doesn’t forgive quickly, alienation and grievances will take root and set them apart. Ouch!

So the couple must fight a bad marriage with a good weapon: the ability to see the mountain of sin of which the heavenly Father has forgiven us and a willingness to extend forgiveness to the other. Even if one spouse has hurt the other deeply (we are imperfect), they must bear in mind that unforgiveness can do far more harm than a spousal hurt. Blindness to the enormity of our flaws is always responsible for our unwillingness to forgive. If the Creator exacted the same standard of justice demanded from our mates, we would fry.

Those who truly forgive understand the interplay between faith and feelings. Forgiveness does not require that bad feelings go away immediately. Whenever we forgive truly and persistently, the desired feelings will follow naturally.

So, from opening paragraphs, Christians and others who desire a happy life and a happy marriage must walk by faith and not by sight. Pray to the Almighty, see your life/marriage turning around, by faith/work, and you’ll experience it in reality. Hope this neighbour has helped those neighbours to enjoy a better quality through walking by faith and not just by sight.

Until next time, please help someone from the list below please!



1. Marilyn, St Andrew, for helping cancer patient to generate an income

2. Annmarie, St Andrew, for offering an income-generating opportunity to a needy neighbour who also has a health challenge

3. Neighbour, St Andrew, for offering a bed to another neighbour, St Andrew.



1. Natalie, roof is in very bad condition, asking for 12 sheets of zinc. PLEASE, PLEASE!

2. Neighbour, St Catherine, asking for second-hand laptop for her granddaughter who has just started college

3. Neighbour, St Catherine, asking for a bed.

4. Vivia, Manchester, patient at KPH in need of help to purchase material for surgery


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