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Tressan Thompson: Using mustard seed faith to move mountains

Published:Friday | November 15, 2019 | 12:16 AMVanessa James/Gleaner Writer
Tressan Thompson’s book, ‘Mustard Seed Faith’
Tressan Thompson’s book, ‘Mustard Seed Faith’

Faith as small as a mustard seed is what is expected of us in order to move mountains, and Tressan Thompson has proven so and wants to share her story with the world.

The young author has penned her first book, titled Mustard Seed Faith, which follows the life of Cherish, a young girl who has experienced hard times but knows, with faith, all will work out in her favour.

When asked why she wrote the book, Thompson responded:

“The inspiration is basically my life story; what I went through as a child to where I am now. I’m trying to use my life story to motivate others to go towards, and chase after, their dreams.”

Thompson had to endure a lot during her early years, including being absent from school or wearing shoes that were falling apart.

“When I was growing up it was really rough. Where I come from, there were challenges going to school with my siblings, because, at that time, my mother had like four of us and we had to take turns going to school,” Thompson recalled. “And you always hear the stories about the shoes while going to school. Well, I have lived that, where the shoes bottom rub out and it’s raining, and I have to wear the rub-out shoes with like four socks, just to ensure that my feet don’t get wet. Sometimes I would get sick.”

She made her way through high school, however, even with the challenges she faced, and those she continued to endure while she wrote her book. Thompson explains that she had no money, but trusted in God and ‘hustled’ in order to make it all possible.

“In starting this book, I had some editing sessions to take and I had to sell some little bobby sweeties with my siblings and one of my friends in order to get my sessions done, because the first one had cost $5,000,” explained Thompson.


She said her mother, Sharon Patterson-Clarke, is the one who kept her motivated when she felt like throwing in the towel, especially when she was not sure how the book would be published because of financial constraints. Thompson also credits her mother for the person she has turned out to be.

“My mom has moulded me and my siblings. She kept us in her prayers, and that’s why I am here today,” said Thompson, “She is the one who kept me motivated throughout writing, because I would go to her and say, ‘Mommy, I don’t know how I am going to do this because I am writing, but I don’t have any money to publish it’, and she would always say that faith is what has brought us here and faith is going to bring me further, and that the book will get published.”

And her mother was right. Thompson recalls the elation she felt when a good Samaritan offered to pay the full price getting Mustard Seed Faith published.

Thompson began writing in March 2018 and had her first book published in December 2018. She told The Gleaner that sales have been good, which was evident by how quickly she sold out during her book launch on October 25.

From her little, Thompson, along with other youth from her community of Windsor district, Portland, has launch a charity called Fuels of Faith Charity Initiative.

“When we started out, we wanted to target children. I started it from a personal basis, where I wanted to help children who are from a poor background. It’s always been my dream from when I was younger, and I used to tell my mommy, ‘Mommy, you know seh when me grow up me a go want give back to the community and to persons who poor like me; because I knew from I was small that things wouldn’t be the same forever,” she disclosed.

She explained that they started August 2018 with a back-to-school treat, where school supplies were provided. They have also given back to the Mustard Seed Communities in Kingston, and gave to a woman in need after seeing her story featured in THE STAR.

Thompson follows the principle that ‘your faith will carry you to places that your eyes can’t see’, and she is proving that, as she is currently employed at the Portland Chamber of Commerce and is doing online courses at The University of the West Indies, where she is pursuing a degree in tourism and hospitality management.

Mustard Seed Faith is available on Amazon for US$15 and on Amazon Kindle for US$5.