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Hello Mi Neighbour | Watching the steps of one another

Published:Wednesday | November 20, 2019 | 12:00 AM

Hello, mi neighbour! How’s your day so far? Overwhelmed by the million and one things on your agenda? Hoping that today will be better than yesterday as you tie up loose ends? Fighting a bug in your body like me? I wish you well as you face off with life’s daily battles. You see, despite age, stage or calling, everyone faces trying circumstances on a daily basis. Because we cannot go it alone, befriending others becomes one of our best assets in the long, and sometimes short run.

And Alli just called to pour out her distress: she must leave current place of abode within a few hours and sees no open door on the horizon. The only practical solution I can offer at this time is a quick prayer ... in the midst of praying her phone went dead ... credit must have finished. Tried calling her back but call went straight to voicemail ... Oh, God please help her out of this dilemma. May no one take advantage of her vulnerability. In the name of Jesus. Amen. Will share answer to this prayer another time.

The timing of Alli’s call was perfect in underscoring my point. In this world of uncertainties, we know not what may befall us from day to day even with perfect plans in place. Old-time people used to say, “life is full of ups and downs”. Who is up today may be down tomorrow and who is down today may be up tomorrow. Let’s watch our steps … and even the steps of others where we can.

By watching the steps of one another, we can save many pitfalls – theirs and ours. No one is capable of seeing all the traps or pits that are being set against us daily. Hence the importance of having others watching our backs like a good watchdog!

This good ‘watchdog’ doesn’t ask for food, clothing, shelter, necessarily. He or she doesn’t stress us with unreasonable demands like the blow hot, blow cold type of people. This ‘watchdog’ usually is someone who is trustworthy, especially with sensitive information – not a blabbermouth who will make a sudden turn on you when the going gets tough!

If you can, avoid blabbermouths, but love and help them (nonetheless) where you can. They are people too: imperfect in every way. Even those people among us who think that they are perfect examples of whatever, are only perfect examples of imperfection.

Here’s my advice as you hit the road today and interact with others, let’s see people as those who may be an asset to us down the road. Take a second look at those who, by virtue of their behaviour, it’s easy to scorn or reject them. Those of us who pride ourselves on being impatient with others must remember that along the journey of life the ‘race is not for the swift’. As time and the wear and tear of life take their toll on us, we become progressively slower until we arrive at a place where we become dependent on the patience of others. That place is called the ‘reality check point’ where many reside until ‘checkout’.

And Alli has just called back – she has not eaten since yesterday. True or false, I am going to meet with her and see what practical help I can provide, especially food-wise.

Watch your steps ...


n Bev, St Andrew, for offering a table to Elaine (grandmother) in St Catherine, who never owned a table before.

n SIPS Spring Water, for acts of kindness.

n Alex’s Import Company Ltd for donating a bed to a needy neighbour.

n Everybody’s Pharmacy for acts of kindness.


1. Neighbour, St Catherine, asking for second-hand laptop for her granddaughter.

2. Neighbour asking for two pieces of ply and a bag of cement.

3. Vivia, Manchester, in need of help to purchase material for surgery.

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