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PNP calls for strengthening of anti-corruption agencies

Published:Monday | December 9, 2019 | 11:29 AM
PNP president, Dr Peter Phillips - File photo

As the world observes International Anti-Corruption Day, the People's National Party (PNP) says it remains committed to promoting integrity and trust in politics.

Further, the PNP says it will lead a government that repudiates corruption and fosters transparency for the benefit of all law-abiding Jamaicans.

 “It is our belief that without a strong and efficient anti-corruption agency and a commitment from government to engender a climate of integrity, trust, and justice, the future of the nation remains at high risk,” a spokesperson said in a statement.

The PNP says it y will continue to push for further strengthening and the independence of the nation’s anti-corruption mechanisms. 

Additionally, the party says it will insist that public officials and others who are found to be culpable of breaching the law must face the court and justice must be served.

“The PNP believes that the hard-earned public revenues must be protected from those who seek to plunder the public purse for their own selfish purposes and therefore, as a government in waiting, the party's internal Integrity Commission has ramped up its efforts to ensure that only persons who are of the highest integrity go forward to represent the PNP as candidates to face the electorate, whether in a by-election, local government election or the general polls,” the spokesperson said.

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