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Experience of a lifetime!

Published:Wednesday | December 11, 2019 | 12:32 AMRushaine Clarke/Gleaner Writer
Popular media personality Ity Ellis.
Popular media personality Ity Ellis.

The Grace and Rondell Positive ‘Open To Purpose’ (OTP) School Tour came to a successful close after a series of inspiring and morale-boosting sessions at schools across Jamaica.

The final seminar was held at the Jamaica Conference Centre in Kingston. It featured a select group of over 600 vibrant and enthusiastic primary- and high-school students that were included in the tour. Hosted by popular media figure Ity Ellis, the session featured highly engaging performances by gospel artistes Jermaine Edwards, Dunamis Reignz, Rondell Positive; as well as performances by Ding Dong, Craig Powe, and Rhoda Isabella. There was also a ‘Discover Your Leadership Potential’ motivational talk by Catherine Goodall, and panel discussions on ‘Maximising Your Leadership And Business Potential’ from Grace Foods executives, OTP ambassadors, and entrepreneurs from non-traditional sectors.

An epic journey

“The tour has been an epic journey. We had set out to visit 20 schools across five parishes and impact 18,000 students. However, we were able to visit 18 schools, interact with over 22,000 students, close to 800 parents and 300 teachers. I believe some great seeds were planted and the message of the National Pledge, as it relates to the purpose of Jamaica and Jamaicans, connected with the students, parents, and teachers,” said co-founder of OTP Devotional School Tour, Rondell Positive.

“As it relates to the Y-LEAP seminar that culminated, it was an amazing experience for the first time in Jamaica. Over 300 of the 1,000 Purpose ambassadors selected from the tour attended and had an experience of a lifetime. More than 60 schools across the island are already asking to be added to the list for 2020. Students as young as 10 years old left several speakers with jaws dropped based both on the information they had and sought after. We’ve found some answers to Jamaica’s issues and we’ll continue to pursue them,” Rondell Positive said.

The tour was powered by title sponsors Grace Food Drinks, alongside associate sponsors Catherine’s Peak Spring Water, Always, Frito-Lay, Victoria Mutual Foundation, OTP, and RPM (Rondell Positive Music).