Tue | Feb 25, 2020

Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica looks forward to a plastic-free 2020

Published:Saturday | December 28, 2019 | 12:06 AM

The Jamaica Environment Trust (JET) is celebrating another successful year of Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica activities and is looking forward to ramping up the campaign in 2020. In the new year, Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica will continue its focus on educating Jamaicans about reducing the use of single-use plastic, as Jamaica’s plastic ban expands to include all styrofoam food and beverage containers on January 1.

“First up on our 2020 Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica line-up will be a Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica Road Trip in late January to promote the styrofoam ban and highlight alternatives to all the single-use plastic items which are banned in Jamaica – bags, straws, styrofoam,” said Lauren Creary, project coordinator at JET. 2020 will also see an expansion of the Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica Clean-up Network to facilitate 30 community clean-ups throughout the year. “The clean-up network is scheduled to be launched in February in time for Valentine’s Day and our theme will be ‘Love Where Yu Live’.”


Nuh Duty Up Jamaica achieved impressive results in an external evaluation of the campaign which was conducted in August 2019. Since its launch in 2015 Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica has attained universal campaign awareness – 99 per cent of those surveyed know the campaign and understand its messaging. Campaign activities for Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica in 2019 included the Nuh Dutty Up Di Road 2019 carnival campaign and the Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica Road Trip. Twenty community clean-ups were also facilitated through the 2019 Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica Clean-up Network and the campaign ended the year on a high note with its Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica: 12 Days of Christmas campaign.

“Recently, we’ve shifted Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica’s focus to transforming Jamaican’s awareness of our solid crisis into action, by promoting alternate ways to manage garbage like composting and other ways to reduce waste,” said Creary. “We use occasions like Christmas, carnival and our road trips to highlight these strategies, and given the results of our 2019 evaluation, we are confident the Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica message is reaching Jamaicans.”

In 2020, JET will continue to leverage Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica’s popularity to educate Jamaicans about good solid waste management – reducing, reusing, recycling, composting and properly containerising garbage.

Nuh Duty Up Jamaica is a public education campaign which encourages Jamaicans to take personal responsibility for the garbage they produce by practising good solid waste management habits. The campaign has been led by JET and funded by the Tourism Enhancement Fund since 2015.