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Understanding the ‘Jezebel Spirit’

Published:Sunday | January 12, 2020 | 12:11 AMCecelia Campbell-Livingston - Sunday Gleaner Writer

Ok sister;

You have a Jezebel spirit within you

You have a spirit of grief

You have a spirit of destruction.


Spirit of destruction,

Spirit of grief,

David Byrne, Brian Eno – The Jezebel Spirit

Many churches are experiencing conflicts with members hurting and ministries in danger of falling apart, while some stand by looking on helplessly, wondering what is going on.

Unfortunately, many Christians are unaware of the most dangerous form of spiritual destruction – that is dealing with someone who is possessed with ‘the Jezebel Spirit’.

But what exactly is the Jezebel Spirit? Family and Religion asked the Rev Marie Berbick of Touching Your World Ministries for a better understanding of this phenomenon.

She explained that it is a spirit that seeks to destroy churches, families, people and God’s prophets.

“It is a wicked, cunning, manipulative spirit that is often associated with females, but actually can manifest in anyone. The spirit of Jezebel is wreaking havoc in the church, tearing down ministries and servants of God and destroying lives because many are unaware of how this spirit operates,” she explained.

Berbick said the manifestations are clear, but unless a person is discerning, they will miss what is happening and mistake it for what it really is.

Expounding on the characteristic of this spirit, Berbick said anyone operating under it like to be in control of people and are manipulative and will do anything to get what they want. They will lie, scheme, befriend and then turn on the person … without a shred of remorse.

Referring to the Bible character – Jezebel – after which the spirit is named, Berbick recounted how Jezebel took control of her husband, Ahab, getting him to abandon his God and serve her idols. She manipulated Naboth’s death just so her husband could get his plot of land. There was no limit to her wickedness and deception.

Berbick warned that Christians dealing with this kind of spirit must ask God for discernment and protection as it is not easy to take on.

Pointing out that the Jezebel Spirit not only attacks the church and its members, but is also present in some homes and workplaces, Berbick said there are things to look out for as its modus operandi is very much the same ... the agenda is always to disrupt and destroy.

“Anyone in your workplace or ministry, watch them keenly. If discernment is not high, you might not be able to recognise it. It is good to have discernment as it (the Jezebel Spirit) is smooth and charming and sometimes not easy to detect. The people operating under the spirit of Jezebel are charismatic and will have everyone on their side,” she said.

According to Berbick, even when the person who is being ‘terrorised’ by a possessed Jezebel-spirit person complain, others will not see it. They will more likely think the complainer is just causing trouble.

“They themselves don’t even know that they are tools. It operates through family members, spouses, even people in your church and that is why you need knowledge. They have a master plan and that plan must be accomplished and if they have to bear false witness against you, they will do that too,” she said.

What to do

For those who have been targeted – whether in the destruction of their marriages, ministries or in their jobs – Berbick said the thing to do is not to fight back in the physical, but to ask God for discernment in dealing with the situation. Go on fasting and pray and allow God to fight the battle.

According to her, the one thing not to do in that kind of situation is to be caught off guard.

“Don’t be fooled by what you are seeing on the natural, but realise that it is one of the most powerful spirits that can come against you. It doesn’t just have one characteristic, there are a lot of other spirits functioning through the Jezebel Spirit and they will try and topple you,” she warned.

That is why, she said, it is important not to let up in prayer and fasting, and keeping your spiritual guard up as that is the only armour and defence against such a spirit.