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Talkback Tuesday | How to stem domestic violence

Published:Wednesday | January 15, 2020 | 12:00 AM

In recent weeks, there have been several tragic cases of domestic violence in Jamaica. We asked our social media followers what measures they would like to see to address this problem.


- Prayer! - @sadiepreedem60

- Take it serious, speak about it. Everyone should help (neighbours, law officers, etc); support each other. - @TaraTomlin

- Establish wellness programmes for #mentalhealth and substance use. Families need to be more involved in protecting potential victims and to no longer view intimate-partner violence as private. - @MentalHealthJam

- Resume hanging and that will show the perpetrators that it’s inhumane, instead of having them living off taxpayer’s money. - @computerwhizd

- Break stigma on men getting counselling. It’s not a bad thing. We all need to learn coping mechanisms. - @godpleazer

- All firearm holders need to see a psychiatrist yearly, especially those in the law-enforcement areas. More help should be readily available for ladies who are experiencing some sort of domestic abuse. All reports made should be considered serious, be investigated, and be checked up on afterwards. If it means a team should be formed, put the funds together to make it available to everyone. Culprits should be named and shamed publicly, and when these men kill the women, their names shall not be mentioned until the day they will be hanged. - @banapetite

- Start treating our kids with love and help them to have self love and stop abusing them from that tender age. Lack of self-love causes all these problems. Until we can attack it from the root, we ain’t gonna fix anything. - @jahseno876

- The island needs more safe houses for women or men to seek refuge from abusive partners. A dedicated hotline to report such cases is a start. - @judgesmith55

- Stiffer sentences, restraining orders and support, including housing for women who have the courage to leave. - @sallydgold