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JN Money spends time with wards at SOS Children’s Village

Published:Friday | January 24, 2020 | 12:26 AM

A day with the wards at SOS Children’s Village in Stony Hill is not only about accepting donations from the companies and groups who visit the institution. For the wards at the 39-year-old facility, it is also an opportunity to interact with persons who visit the facility, as part of their charity work.

And for Marvin Simpson, village director of SOS Children’s Village, the visit from the JN Money team recently was welcomed, as it offered an opportunity for the wards to interact with them, play board and ring games; as they, in turn, presented care packages and made a cash donation to the institution.

“As an organisation, we do not accept donations without the person or company interacting with our young people,” Simpson explained. “We get to know them, while they learn more about what we do; and that allows us to develop a relationship with them, which contributes to the development of our young people.

“The young children need to meet those who are contributing to their welfare,” he related. “I also believe that when companies make donations, their employees should have an idea about the charity they are supporting and the needs of that entity. You can only appreciate the success stories when you come in and interact with us. I am, therefore, pleased that most of those who come here take time to interact with our children.”

The SOS Children’s Village in Stony Hill, founded in 1980, is home to some 65 wards, ranging from eight to approximately 20 years old. The home is operated by the SOS Children’s Village International, which was established in Montego Bay, Jamaica, in 1970. The children and young adults housed at the facilities benefit from formal education, parental care and protection.

Simpson explained that the donation from JN Money would support various programmes which the village currently offers to its wards.