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Artiste, teacher, student – all for God - Oshin of Levy’s Heritage focused on what she wants to achieve

Published:Sunday | January 26, 2020 | 12:14 AMCarl Gilchrist - Gleaner Writer

Oshin Levy of Levy’s Heritage.
Oshin Levy of Levy’s Heritage.

Oshin Levy has had a busy life. As a young child, 15 years ago, she joined her brothers Ovando and Oneil in the gospel group, Levy’s Heritage, which is still going strong today.

With a musical career as a backdrop, she would finish high school and move on to university for a major in English language, after which she began a career as an English teacher.

Today, she’s back at the University of the West Indies pursuing a master’s degree in Integrated Marketing Communications, while being a resident adviser at Irvine Hall, where she helps to motivate and basically guide students there.

All the while, though, she has continued her involvement with the music, the group releasing an album last November, titled Summoned: Submitting to the Call and doing shows to promote the album.

Come July, the group will have a special event to mark their 15th anniversary.

Spread across those 15 years have been several awards, such as the JCDC Gospel Festival winners in 2012 and the Sterling Award Group of the Year for 2018.

Remaining chirpy, bubbly and positive, Levy feels no pressure in having such a full slate.

“To some, it seems a lot and people ask how I manage but I tell people, one day at a time,” Levy told Family and Religion during a visit to Ocho Rios recently. “Pray, work hard and keep your goals in sight, and once you know what you want in life everything will fall into place.”

“Keep your goals in sight, know what you want in life. Once you know, you can basically make certain steps to reach there. And pray and seek God for the strength that you need because sometimes the strength that we need we can’t get it from ourselves or from individuals; we have to get it from a higher power and so seek God for the strength that you need to endure.”


Meanwhile, the St Catherine-based group continues to promote their latest album as they seek to spread the message of the gospel.

“Everything right now is geared towards our album so we have been doing shows, and for this year it is more of promoting our album,” Levy explained.

“There is a track that people should look out for, it’s called ‘Na Sell Out God’, and it’s basically speaking to those who are living for Christ or believe in God and believe in having strong morals and beliefs and upholding certain dignity in life, that yuh na sell out God. Yuh na sell out God fi certain things that are being offered before you or because you’re in a position where you don’t have it, so you need to sell him out to get it because in the Bible it says, ‘Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all His righteousness and then all things shall be added unto you.’

“Some people forget the part where we have to go through long-suffering sometimes, or a little suffering to get what we want, and so they lose their goals, but we’re telling you that, nuh lose yuh goal, nuh lose yuh sight, don’t sell out God and watch Him work on your life.”

Levy said Levy’s Heritage is just a passionate group that loves God and will continue to spread the gospel to everyone who needs it.