Sat | Apr 4, 2020

More medication for NHF beneficiaries

Published:Friday | March 27, 2020 | 12:26 AM

Beneficiaries of the Jamaica Drug for the Elderly Programme who have not yet begun to access increased medication supplies available since last week Wednesday are being encouraged to contact their National Health Fund participating pharmacy in light of the government stipulation that senior citizens over the age of 75 stay home.

The initiative, which took effect on March 18, included the increase of prescription items on the NHF card from 30 days’ to 90 days’ supply as well as ease of processing and reduced waiting time in pharmacies.

Chief executive officer of the NHF, Everton Anderson, said that provisions were made to safeguard the elderly and persons with underlying health conditions are most susceptible to complications from COVID-19. He urged them to minimise their exposure to possible infection from the coronavirus by limiting their visits outside of home.

In anticipation of increased requests from NHF cardholders for prescription drug quantities – more than the usual 30 days’ supply – the NHF has been working with its pharmacy providers to meet beneficiary requests for more medication covered on the NHF card and JADEP.

While most of the drugs on the NHF card programme were available for a 90-day supply, other prescription items on the NHF card, which were limited to 30 days’ supply, have been increased to 90 days.

JADEP benefits have also been increased from 30 days’ supply to 60 days,” Anderson said.