Fri | Dec 4, 2020

Time for full diplomatic representation - New South Korean chargé d’affaires wants post upgraded to full ambassadorship

Published:Wednesday | May 13, 2020 | 12:22 AMPaul Clarke/Gleaner Writer
The new Chargé d’ Affaires of the Embassy of Korea to Jamaica, Lim Baejin.
The new Chargé d’ Affaires of the Embassy of Korea to Jamaica, Lim Baejin.

SOUTH KOREA’s Lim Baejin, the new chargé d’affaires to Jamaica, has not been in the job long – only about two months – but he has already laid down plans to promote the upgrade of the current position to a full ambassadorial one.

“During my tenure, it is my hope to leave a full ambassadorial role for the top Korean diplomat to Jamaica,” he said.

In his first interview with a local media house, Baejin told The Gleaner his position on the matter is driven by the “fruitful” relationship Jamaica and the Korean Republic has developed and enjoyed since bilateral relations were established in 1962.

Baejin took over as top Korean diplomat from Young Gyu Lee, whose tenure came to an end three months ago.

According to him, it is time full diplomatic representation be given to Jamaica based on the country’s long history as a friend of Korea.


He further said that the strength of the relations can be seen during the ongoing fight against the coronavirus, stating that while the Government tries to assist other countries in the fight against the impact of the virus, in the region, Jamaica remains a strong friend.

“We have a very good environment for further cooperation between our countries right now even with COVID-19 at the heart of most major decisions,” Baejin said.

Baejin, who has had three previous postings, said at the moment the virus is under control in South Korea and is “hoping to bring a partnership to Jamaica” in terms of lessons learned in that country’s battle against further spread.

He said the Korean authority’s desire is to share COVID-19 experiences with Jamaica through a number of web-based seminars.

“This is the time when we all need to be humane and human to do our best for everyone in the world,” said Baejin.

Last month, Foreign Minister Baejin, recently discussed the current COVID-19 pandemic, its effects on Jamaica and South Korea and technical assistance in stemming the spread of the virus in Jamaica.

The minister relayed her commendations to South Korea and its foreign minister, H.E. Kang-wha, for “excellent leadership, great command and understanding of the current pandemic.”