Tue | Jul 7, 2020

Cops bring relief to destitute senior citizen

Published:Monday | June 29, 2020 | 12:07 AMRasbert Turner/Gleaner Writer
District Constable Mark Evans carrying the mattress along the railway line.
District Constable Mark Evans carrying the mattress along the railway line.

Eight-six-year-old Lucius Nathaniel Binns was a picture of happiness after receiving a mattress, courtesy of the St Catherine North police.

Binns, who lives in a dilapidated, board-and-zinc structure, was thankful, but still needs more help.

“I am in need of a little house that can let me live wid dignity,” the octogenarian said.

Binns reported that he has lived at the same spot since 1979 but had fallen on hard times.

“This sad, as whenever it rains, inside here is like a sieve with water wetting everything, including me,” he told The Gleaner.

“This is where I know as home, but I can hardly bear the conditions anymore.”

Binns said that he currently earns stipendiary wages from odd jobs in the nearby Angels Housing Scheme.

The senior citizen, who suffers with ill health, said that his earnings can barely feed him and that he struggles daily, especially with no children or known relatives to offer him assistance.

Treacherous trek

Just getting to Binns’ home is a treacherous trek across the railway line. Visitors have to move gingerly to navigate their way to the house, which sits among trees.

“As you can see, no bathroom here, and is outside mi use as kitchen. I need help bad. I was born in St Andrew; can’t remember anything else, but dis is where mi is now,” said Binns.

Binns was known to be a fisherman and coal burner in his working years. He does get some help from residents like Rochelle Bryan, who has known Binns since 1990.

“I try to help him by carrying water and food, but he needs help, so we are thankful for the police assistance so far,” Bryan said.

Helkiah Jones, a delegate of the St Catherine North district constables, said that the law enforcers’ assistance will be ongoing.

“We visited Mr Binns on Labour Day and gave him a care package, and his dire situation was revealed,” said Jones.

“We have therefore started with a mattress, but will be doing more to help.”