Fri | Aug 7, 2020

Tools to take prayer to the next level

Published:Sunday | July 5, 2020 | 12:05 AM

Over the last eight weeks, we have learnt about prayer and how to take our prayer life to new levels to change the world around us. This is our final week in this series, and like last week, we will learn to turbocharge our prayers with the tools that God has given us.

1. Pray scriptures in faith

Our prayers need an anchor in the Bible. The truth is, God loves us, but He is not moved to act by our emotions. In the same way that parents don’t give their children bad things simply because they cried, God is focused on what is best for us. God is moved by our faith in Him and our faith in His Word. “And without faith it is impossible to please God … ,” says Hebrews 11:6 (NIV).

2. Claim the promises of God when:

They fit a personal need or situation. Many of the scriptural promises can be applied for us (even when they were for someone else) because they illustrate how God meets needs, grants desires, and works in the lives of His children. Since He never changes, we can count on Him to work in a similar way with us.

I am walking in His will. Choosing to live obediently gives us the right and privilege to claim God’s promises. When we are rebellious and living according to our desires, we position ourselves outside of God’s will and render His promises ineffective for us.

The Spirit of God confirms it. The Holy Spirit lives inside every believer. One of His responsibilities is to help us to understand what God has for us. “But when He, the Spirit of truth comes, He will guide you into all the truth,” says John 16:13 (NIV). When we seek God’s will on a particular subject, the Spirit of God reveals His will to us and leads us in the direction we should go.

3. Pray the way the Spirit of God leads

As we read the Bible, it is the Holy Spirit that is allowing us to understand what is written. He is taking the logos (Greek for ‘word written on the page’) and turning it into rhema (Greek for ‘word spoken directly to us by God’). As we read, the Holy Spirit may speak in such a way, and we can respond in praying this back to God.

God’s Spirit speaks to us through our conscience, helping us to make the right decision or leading us to make the right choices. When we are praying about something, the Holy Spirit sometimes brings a thought to mind, totally unexpectedly but often after a direct plea for help from God. The thoughts given by the Holy Spirit never contradict scripture. If you are unsure, ask someone who is more spiritually mature to help you test these thoughts.

God may use another person, like a friend or a preacher, to convey His message of truth to us. Their words may come as a warning, a blessing, or a prophetic truth about our lives. Whether we choose to hear it or ignore it depends on us. First, test the word to ensure that it aligns with scripture.

4. Check for God’s peace

Finally, we will know we have a right to stand confidently on our requests to God when there is peace in our hearts that comes from knowing our requests fit who we are as children of God and are aligned with His Word. When we are patient and wait for His timing, God will always provide His best. He knows exactly when to fulfil every promise because His judgement is perfect.