Wed | Aug 12, 2020

Trevor E. S. Smith | 6 mindsets that fuel COVID-19 community spread

Published:Sunday | July 12, 2020 | 12:13 AM

In spite of continued efforts to educate and inform the population as to behaviours that will stop the spread of COVID-19, many persons will continue to get infected. There are some mindsets that make individuals more prone to being infected and to spreading the virus to others. Check to see if you can relate to the profiles of some of them.

GROUP 1: None so deaf and blind …

There will be a group of persons who will so close themselves off from certain kinds of information that they will not realise the danger until it is too late.

GROUP 2: Alternative theory

Some people are going to get infected and risk losing their lives because they will refuse to accept that COVID-19 is a real threat. They just believe that it is all a big excitement about nothing. This is like the people who refuse to accept hurricane warnings and only really accept them when they lose their roofs.

GROUP 3: Soon come …

There is another set of people who will get infected not because they were not aware of it. Not because they did not accept it as a real danger. They will decide that tomorrow, they will get their masks. When tomorrow comes … well tomorrow … and then tomorrow.

GROUP 4: Inconvenient

There are persons who will get infected even after they decide to get their masks. It is just too inconvenient to access them right now. And in any event, they are not comfortable. Some will wear them under their chins or on their foreheads.

GROUP 5: I am OK

Regrettably, some persons are going to get infected because they will believe that their healthy lifestyle or youth will protect them. They eat right, exercise, and take the right supplements. They will convince themselves that COVID-19 affects those whose immune systems are weak – not healthy specimens like them.

GROUP 6: What’s the difference?

This is a hard one to take but will be a reality. Some will create their own guidelines re handwashing, social distancing, and mask protocol. Yet, they will sputter protestations when they get infected.

This next one is the real tear jerker.

Some people are going to get infected despite following all the guidelines. This includes the brave warriors at the front line. We salute them and continue to express our gratitude for their courage and sacrifice.


The presence of danger is no guarantee that people will recognise it or respond sensibly to it. Some people will just not respond to warnings, and others will make wrong choices.

We have to individually and collectively avoid the tendency to look to others to solve the problem. We have to demand good leadership and support it by thoughtful, proactive action on our part.

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