Wed | Aug 5, 2020

Features of your summer auto buy

Published:Tuesday | July 14, 2020 | 12:07 AM

1. Blindspot monitoring

If your are going for a bigger, longer car, one side effect to consider is a large, hard-to-see blindspot. This is easily remedied by blindspot monitoring systems that can sense when a car or other object is in the very spot you can’t see. Clever - and extremely useful.

2. Anti-collision warning systems

We don’t really see a downside to avoiding a crash when possible. Anti-collision systems like Subaru EyeSight can warn you if it thinks you are about to hit something and even apply the brakes for you.

3. Head-up displays

Being able to see all of a car’s vital read-outs plus navigation directions is a huge help in situations where you shouldn’t take your eyes off the road. Newer head-up displays are customisable, which means that you can see what you want to se and get rid of useless info.

4. Remote start

There is nothing better than being able to start your car from your kitchen.

5. Dual-clutch transmissions

Given the choice, we will always opt to shift for ourselves. But if you must get an automatic transmission, you can’t go wrong with a dual-clutch. Shifts are seamless and lightning quick, giving you a two-pedal gearbox that is super-responsive and direct.

6. High-end stereos

Speaker systems in cars have come a long way in the last 30 years. Crackly, fading audio has made way for some truly world-class stereos that you can option from the factory.

7. Bluetooth connectivity

Whether it be for phone calls or listening to music, having Bluetooth in your car just makes life easier. No wires, no SD card juggling, just sync your phone to your car and go.

8. Parking cameras

Backup cameras are required on all passenger cars sold in the United States after May 1, 2018, but the best systems have more than one camera. They make parking and manoeuvring through tight spaces safer for everyone.