Tue | Aug 4, 2020

Clarendon residents named among inspirational men in online feature

Published:Wednesday | July 29, 2020 | 12:21 AMOlivia Brown/Gleaner Writer

Seven Clarendon men were listed among 101 inspirational men recently published in an online feature.

The feature, dubbed ‘Men, since the beginning of time, have been critical to not only strong households but to formidable societies and cultures’, has garnered positive responses on social-media platform Facebook and is spearheaded by Education Officer Louise Lawrence-Rose, who shared that the celebration of black men is a necessary initiative in today’s society. She told The Gleaner that the publication aims to change the negative narrative surrounding men of colour.

Photographs of the men were posted online, alongside their biographies, detailing their achievements and contribution to their communities over the years. “Nominees were sent written criteria and willingly complied to sharing their biographies publicly to social media in order to disrupt the negative dialogue in the media around black men, in particular, and provide a source of inspiration during these times of pandemic gloom and racial tension,” said Lawrence-Rose.

Clarendon natives, medical doctors Murphey Osbourne and Charles Robertson; educators Ralantonio Lindsay and Earnest Donaldson; Winston Smith and Roy Dennis, ministers of religion; and chef Timoy Gordon were listed among the inspirational men.

“When men are true to their core, they lead from a position of strength and not insecurity. We believe that they must not be muted. They must not be emasculated and not be stereotyped.”

Lawrence-Rose asserted that the men each had a story of triumph amid adversities, altruism, and philanthropy.

“Though from diverse paths, including (but not limited to) education, law enforcement, religion, the military, and entertainment among other industries, the common themes among the stories were success amid adversity, from humble beginnings to positions of leadership, divine providence despite tribulations, and a heart for giving back to community.”


Certified chef and owner of TG’s Cakes and Pastries, Timoy Gordon, said, “It was an honour to be recognised and a great opportunity to showcase the hard-working men of Jamaica and how talented we really are. I went through a lot, and to know that someone saw me in a positive light and saw the need to highlight me for the great work that I have done feels awesome. It felt great being among the 101 inspirational men highlighted. It really motivated me and I will continue to strive for excellence.”

The sentiment was echoed by family therapist, Pastor Roy Dennis, who said, “Not every day you see men being highlighted in this way so you feel good about the work that you’re doing, especially in volunteering in various aspects of public life as a justice of the peace. That type of recognition really encourages you to continue volunteering and serving. It really encourages me to continue do what I’m doing.”

Noting that the men featured represent only a small group of what she describes as “unsung heroes’’, Lawrence-Rose added, “They cheerfully and valiantly play their roles daily as fathers, husbands, spiritual leaders, coaches, mentors and friends. Our team encourages them to continue to give their unselfish service to country and community development.”