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Switch to JLP ‘a move of conscience’ - 73-y-o turncoat determined to re-elect Dunn

Published:Monday | August 24, 2020 | 12:51 AMGareth Davis Sr/Gleaner Writer
Calvin Robinson, 73, leading a one-man campaign for Dr Norman Dunn, the JLP candidate in St Mary South East.
Calvin Robinson, 73, leading a one-man campaign for Dr Norman Dunn, the JLP candidate in St Mary South East.

Like a man on a mission, 73-year-old Calvin Robinson has taken it upon himself to tread the rugged, hilly terrain of several communities in St Mary South East to campaign for his candidate, Dr Norman Dunn.

Robinson, who made it clear that he was once a supporter of the People’s National Party (PNP) during the tenure of late Prime Minister Michael Manley, is now a staunch supporter of the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP), a movement he said he has come to love and respect.

“Times have changed and I have been supporting the JLP since the 1990s,” said Robinson.

The septuagenarian has praised Dunn’s efforts since he emerged victorious in the October 2017 by-election, including the upgrading of playing fields such as the since-renamed Westmoreland Oval.

“If you happen to go around and see di amount a work weh dis man do, you frighten,” Robinson told The Gleaner.

“Dis man come in and walk around, drains are cleaned, and bus stops are fixed. Mi sure say Dunn a go win, and di only way him nuh win is unless dem people yah nuh like development.”

The elderly resident of Top Bay in St Mary said his allegiance to the PNP waned following the passing of Manley, whose legacy he cherishes. Robinson argued that the PNP has lost its way and is out of touch with the people.

“My move to di JLP was a move of conscience, because I was kinda tired of di promises which were never fulfilled. From I bawn till now, a di fuss (first) mi ever see suh much road a fix across di country,” said Robinson.

“ Some communities weh neva have water now have it. And mi like how dem angle (handle) di COVID ting, although it a spread. But if wi do weh di Government say, tings can work out fi all a wi,” he added.

Robinson was spotted walking through Annotto Bay with a placard displaying the image of Dunn, who will face off against the PNP’s Dr Shane Alexis in the September 3 general election.

Dunn polled 8,176 votes to defeat Alexis by 937 ballots in the 2017 by-election.