Tue | Sep 22, 2020

Money Monster denies Clockman Pick 6 double

Published:Thursday | September 17, 2020 | 12:17 AM

TO his detriment, The Clockman ignored MONEY MONSTER’s big run behind in-form KING ARTHUR, coming off a six-month lay-up, instead banking TOMOHAWK on his Twilight 6 last Saturday, a decision which cost him $5,970 and a chance to spot both Pick 6s on the 11-race card.

After a perfect run in the Sunrise 6, spending only $600 for a payout of $3,602, The Clockman appeared set to make a clean sweep but banked on TOMOHAWK to take him home. However, a change in the track condition after the ninth race, plus TOMOHAWK’s wide draw at nine furlongs and 25 yards, doomed the Wayne DaCosta runner to third in the slop.

Indian Flame, who shared top honours with The Clockman on Saturday, spotting seven of 11 winners, nailed the Twilight 6 by carrying MONEY MONSTER with TOMOHAWK for the $5,970 payout. However, his decision to go with KINGSWOOD’s 1:20.1 at six and a half furlongs as a firm banker on the Sunrise 6, spending a miserly $300, cost him $3,602 and a chance to sweep both bets.

Meanwhile, Gizzy continues to prove how much of a Dane Nelson fanatic he is by selecting two horses in Saturday’s third event, Nelson’s BERN NOTICE and AWESOME CHOICE, ignoring Philip Parchment aboard the 1-5 favourite, DEN STREET, on a $1,440 Sunrise 6.

Gizzy similarly opted to use Nelson’s SWEET SURPRISE among three selections on Saturday’s Twilight 6 in which he was again stumped by Parchment, this time aboard recent winner, IN THE BLOOD, denying him $5,970 on a $720 wager.

The Clockman was the leading tipster at the weekend with 12 winners, seven on Saturday and five Sunday, but was twice stumped in the Twilight 6 by bankers. On Sunday, he went with SHEBOOM, who was beaten by ELITIST on his $2,160 wager, going after the $11,371 payout.

Shaggy also went close in Sunday’s Twilight 6 but failed to carry CHINAMAX among his three selections in the opening event.