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Leap of faith leads to 13 passes

Published:Saturday | October 10, 2020 | 12:10 AMKavarly Arnold/Gleaner Writer
Alrick White.
Alrick White.

Western Bureau:

Five years ago, the White family faced criticism when they took a leap of faith in sending their son, Alrick, to Harrison Memorial High School, instead of the traditional high school he had passed the Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT) for. However, his 13 Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) passes in one sitting is proof that they made the right choice.

White’s mother, Angella, who was bubbling with joy, is happy to see her son perform just as well at the Mt Salem-based institution, as everyone would have expected if he had gone to Herbert Morrison Technical High School.

“It’s a joy. I am so excited and happy for him. He had been working hard over the years, from basic school, so we knew he would do well,” Angella said.

“As a result of him acing the GSAT, he was placed at the school of his first choice, Herbert Morrison. However, being a Seventh-day Adventist, he got a scholarship for Harrison Memorial. We took a leap of faith, despite discouragement from others, and here it is.

Performed to expectation

He didn’t perform any less than what we would have expected at Herbert Morrison. This goes to show that wherever you are, as long as you have the discipline and motivation, you can do well,” she added.

White, who copped nine distinctions, three credits and one three, said he was humbled by his achievement.

“To be honest, I was very humbled because I was confident that I would do well. My parents were also humbled, but very excited. My mother told everyone in the church and school family and as a result, I got a lot of congratulations from them,” White said.

When asked what his biggest motivation was, White told The Gleaner that a number of factors came together in propelling him to success.

“First and foremost, God has always been my rock. I was also motivated by my past achievements, like my primary school success as this made me believe that I had the ability. Third, strong parental and teacher support.

Being the head boy was also a factor because I did face discouragement in doing 13 subjects in one sitting, but I felt like I had to lead by example,” said White, who also outlined that his mother, being a teacher, was a big boost.

When quizzed on what’s next for him, Alrick admitted that he didn’t know exactly what he wants to become, but noted that he is following his passion.

“I haven’t yet figured out exactly what I want to become but I know it’s something in the sciences. I’m currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in biochemistry at Northern Caribbean University,” White said.